Master !!! Should I let go the water in my palm looking at the clouds for the water ? ‘Uuyiya orey vazhhee Udayavar thiruvadi…’

Few hundreds year ago at Srirangam  inside  an Ashram , the  revered Srivaishnava  Acharyar Swamy Aaachaan was delivering a discourse to his disciples .


Trailokyai Ammal  happened to be there  hearing the Master speak .

Acharyar begun .. My dear children …

The best means to salvation is LORD himself and to attain  is two fold .One by Bhakthi or loving him with all the energy of ones own will and the other,  is Prapatti   loving him with all the force derived from the Supreme LORD himself …


When you resign from your own will and place all your hopes in the sweet will of the providence the process  of change begins  . Many spiritual texts advises that surrender to the lotus feet of the Supreme is the best means to attain Moksha .   The Taitriya Upanishad explores the  different paths and the effectiveness for attaining  Moksha ..

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil

Satyam     Practice of Truth

Tapas     Reducing  bodily needs

Damas   Control of one’s senses

Sama   Control of inner senses

Daanam   Giving liberally

Dharma  Practice of duties

Agneyah  tending sacred fires

Agnihotra  offering to devas through fire

Yagna    sacrifices

Maanasa   meditation

Nyaasa   surrender


Among all the above paths Surrender is the Ultimate . Bhakthi needs to be practiced for a long duration until the prarabdha karma gets exhausted . Bhakthi needs Jnana and shakthi and its a continuous sustained attempts whereas Prapatti is total surrender  to LORD in any state .


Trailokyai Ammal liked the  discourse  . She sincerely approached  Master and requested him to allow her to attend classes . Acharyar allowed her for the dedication . Ammal served the disciples and the Master with care and affection simultaneously listening to the esoteric truths ..


One day,  it was informed that a revered Acharyar from Tirumala had arrived . Ammal loved Tirumala very much .The hymn of Nammalvar on Tirumala always made her swoon in imagination  to the holy place . She took  permission from her Acharyar to take blessings from the Acharyar who had arrived .  With great anxiety she met the revered  master .


Offering obeisances repeatedly she seeked a favor to serve him all the while  during his stay .The Master was none other than the great Swamy AnanthAzhwan who had spontaneously agreed to leave to Tirumala to serve Lord Venkateshwara as per Jagath Acharyar Swamy Ramanuja’s  command .


Days passed , Ammal was taking care of all the needs of Acharyar and had to take leave when Swamy proceeded back to Tirumala. 

Aaachan looked at Ammal and asked her ,  My Child ….


Tell me ….whether Swamy taught you  lessons which was not covered by me  past so many years.  Ammal responded ..Yes ! Master …


I learn t the most important lesson from Swamy Anantha Azhwan. Seeking  refuge from the lotus feet of Acharyan. is ultimate , whereas your  honor  said we need to seek lotus feet of Supreme Lord . She continued … trust at the lotus feet of the savior my Acharyar will give sure protection and hence decided to seek the lotus feet of Acharyar who she could directly see .

Featured Image -- 4298

She elaborated …Master !!! Should I let go the water in my palm looking at the clouds for the water ? Achaan agreed with her innocent talk  and praised her devotion …


Another incident took place  in Srirangam …. It so happened a dumb and deaf person approached Swamy Ramanujar and appealed in a moving manner unable to utter a single word . The ever merciful Acharyar was moved .He  clasped his hand with the person and both proceeded inside the Ashram. He closed the doors of his personal room. All the disciples were wondering who could  be the new person  ? There was  silence ….


Swamy Kooresa arrived to find out who was the person Acharyar clasped his hands with Noticing he has gone inside the private chambers of Acharyar he felt he was a great Mahaan . It took some time . Very inquisitively he peeped inside the chambers from the key hole.

Inside Jagath Acharyar Swamy Ramanuja in sign language was asking the dumb person what was his desire . It looked the person was holding swamy’s feet tightly with tears seeking refuge and pleading Acharyar to place his feet on his head and bless him . Acharyar with compassion placed his lotus feet on his head and blessed him .

jai jai

Koorath Azhwan observed this . He bemoaned that he was not as fortunate as the deaf dumb person to get that total grace of Jagath Acharyar Swamy Ramanuja…

There is a beautiful saying in tamil ……………………………….                                ‘Uyiya oreyy vazhi Udayavar thiruvadi’ meaning …….‘To achieve salvation the surrender at the  lotus feet of  Swamy Ramanuja is the only way’.

Swamy  Pillai Lokachariar  says in his wonderful work ” Sri Vachana Bhushanam ……….. ‘Acharya Abimaname Uththaragam’ – meaning … 

“Acharyan feeling happy about his disciple  and  showering  his grace can be the Saviour of the highest kind”.



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics credits : Google images/  Sri varavaramuni group 

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Ekantha Seva at TIRUMALA…’Tallapaka vari Lali, Tarigondavari Harathi’

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on kazhiyur varadan's web blog:
At Tirumala , Lord Sri Venkateshwara’   awakes with Annamayya’s melukolupu, and follows the day’s rituals, ends with the great saint poetess  Vengamamba’s Mutyala Harathi . Mutyala Harathi’,  is the last ritual…

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The Indwellers love for his child …..

Swamy Parasara Bhattar  the  great successor of Jagath Acharyar Swami Ramanuja was a prolific writer  with great distinction. Acharyar’s  works in Sanskrit and  tamil bear   amazing scholarship and command .  Swamy’s  works in Sanskrit  include  Ashtasloki, BhagavadgunaDarpanam , SriGunaRatnakosam, SriRanganathaStotram, Sri Ranganatha Stavam. 


Swamy Parasara bhattar was the  officiating  chief-priest in SriRangam temple, and hence was  known as Purohita of Lord Ranganatha, SriRangesa  Purohitah.     Swamy’s  transcendental life was full of divine  incidents and anecdotes, which are cherished by all .


The Sastras proclaim that whenever there is a transit of a planet from one sign to another sign of the zodiac , it is necessary to perform holy bath ( Abhishek ) to the Lordships .  Accordingly all arrangements were being made inside the temple to carry out the grand festival  .


A  vedantin  who had several doubts on  srivaishnava mode of worship  happened to enter the temple to offer respects to the Lordships .

 Inside the temple , Swamy Parasara bhattar was in ecstatic  mood .

Featured Image -- 19856

 While  having darshan he noticed the revered Acharyar Swamy Parasara bhattar  was reciting a verse which kept all the devotees spellbound . The verse was new  to his disciples.  They were very eager to learn about the meaning of the divine verse .

The curtains were drawn . The Lordships were being dressed with royal garments amidst divine fragrance. The disciples approached Acharyar  and submitted .


Acharya … The sloka which  was recited was very new to us . Kindly explain us the content for us to recite  .The vedantin also was keen to hear the commentary .

Acharyar replied , My dear children ……..

that was an emotional outpour while  having darshan of our LORD .


Tvamme , ahamme kutastat tadapikutah….

yetachanaadi siddaaanubhava vibhavaat tarhi saakrosha yeva

kvaakrosah kasya gitaadishu mama viditah kotrasaakshi sudheeh syat hanta

tvat pakshapaateesah iti nrukalahe mrigyamadhyastavattam…….


The divine verse interpretation attracted the vedantin closer .He had several doubts  to be cleared and  by the discourse he could  understand the esoteric truths from the legend himself.

Acharyar words were  crystal clear .

Swamy  began …………

My children ..There is always a tussle going on time to time immemorial  between the Jiva and Paramatma . Though the absolute truth is “LORD is independent “ and ” we jivas are beholden in him and dependent” , this jiva is infatuated with material pursuits  which makes him ignore the subtle truth .


Due to sheer ignorance and blinded by the three gunas he oversees the truth . And,  due to  his arrogance,  boasts about  his independence ,  thus suffers succession of sorrows.


The all compassionate Lord feels sad for him ( jiva )  and says Tvamme..


If you recognise this truth …I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU …


The arrogant Jiva replies …

How can I be yours  ? I cannot be yours and I cannot be dependent on you  and……………………….at       NO TIME  ..I can be your servant ..


Lord out of abundant love  smiles and asks  ………. Kutastat ?

How is that ?

and did you arrive at that conclusion ?


The Jiva  due to his unlimited  arrogance replies ..

OK…………………….. Fine ..then ……

 Now how would you answer the same question if it was from me ?

that you are my Lord and I am yours ..???


The Ocean of Mercy LORD  smiles and replies 

...Yes ………..My child …

For my statement  the vedas are the authority ..

pathim visvasyaa…daasa bhootah svaiah sarve…

wp-1490530516901.jpgThe Jiva argues again …

From Time immemorial I lived as an INDEPENDENT PERSON …

and I continue to live and thus quoting vedas written in old  palm leaves manuscripts are no longer valid for me to be convinced ….wp-1489716210236.jpg

Tarhi saakroshayeva …

Once again LORD out of  abundant compassion  replies …….


 My dear child …..

 Why are you advancing  with  false arguments ,  without having   proper knowledge ?

 I have always taken care of you ….  I have always been there ……..and objected independence for your own good … dear ……

kvaa krosah kasya ..

The jiva with no remorse once  again out of pride replies


..(including the court) ..

Gitaadishu mama viditah ..

Lord  smiles at the  ignorant jiva  and …replies patiently ..

My  dear  child ..


 My dear !!!    You know …. The  Atma   that is quality-less and attribute-less  gets combined with  this prakruti,  forming  different senses (both subtle and gross) and  thus gets  different material natures.  And this  combination of atma and qualities arising from prakruti is  you the  jivatma…..


apareyam itas tv anyāṁ prakṛtiṁ viddhi me parām
jīva-bhūtāṁ mahā-bāho yayedaṁ dhāryate jagat  BG – 7.5

mamaivāṁśo jīva-loke jīva-bhūtaḥ sanātanaḥ
manaḥ-ṣaṣṭhānīndriyāṇi prakṛti-sthāni karṣati  BG – 15.7

 My child !!!   all the living entities in this conditioned world are my  eternal fragmentation parts. Due to conditioned life, the  struggle is being  felt . Besides the  (insentient matter),

Oh!   mighty-armed Arjuna, there is another, superior energy of Mine, which comprises the living entities who are exploiting the resources of this material, inferior nature.


 The explanation  does not convince the Jiva ….   Unperturbed  and  with a casual  approach  the jiva demands proof  and objects the statements  of LORD ….

The jiva  seeks  for witness to claim his argument ..

Sudheeh syaat …

Paramatma  once again replies  stating everyone who read Srimad Bhagavad Gita are  his witness

Hasta tvatpakshapaate sah ….


The Jiva replies that It  cannot accept the witness as the so called readers of Srimad Bhagavad Gita ,would  just go around seeking  livelihood by mentioning your name only ?

The argument goes to no end due to the jiva’s arrogance and false illusion …


 The all compassionate LORD  thinks that there can be only one alternative left for him …


Generally in this  material world .. when arguments and counter arguments go on between two persons , one of the person to prove his statements ,  indicates he would wear a wet cloth and stand before a tree and take an oath  stating that he was speaking ONLY truth

Lord thought that  as there was no other  alternative  to convince his children ..takes the ultimate step to be in wet clothes ….


Mrugyamadyasthharat    tvam ….

Acharyars in his deep musings with tears  looking at LORD in wet clothes submits ..

Oh ! Supreme Lord !!  Not able to convince obstinate people  with your explanations  …

My LORD  ..Are you adoring yourself with wet clothes to convince this fallen jiva ….

Mruya madhyastha ……..

and thus Acharyar shares his emotional musings …..which enlighten their opinion ..


The vedantin approaches the Acharyar and humbly submits …. Swamin ..Just give me a gist of the summary ….


Acharyar replies ……

 Swamin ….It is not really essential  for a person to take a dip in the Holy rivers like ganges and visiting piligrim centers .. and…….

  It is enough if one doesn’t doubt the LORD who is the indweller in the heart and functions in a manner of being beholden to him ..

When knowledge of self arises in one , like the rising sun , the arguments which one advances due to ignorance would abrade..


The innumerable references to the interpretations Swamy Parasara Bhattar   to  azhwar’s hymns and his wonderful repartee to his disciple Nanjiyar’s questions are source of immense delight to all devotees ……

Another divine musings about his pangs of separation with LORD is appended in the below mentioned url post …where he mentions …

jai vittal

He was explaining the three stages of love to LORD …

Recollection   ,  Trance    and Rallying … 

Recollection is recollection of all the past ravishments  of soul ..vouchsafed by LORD

Trance or Fainting is consequent on desolation at this recollection not yielding to the present enjoyment

Rallying is the sudden lucidity whilst in this state of trance which is considered as a  extreme advanced state  in devotion which our Azhwar’s possessed..

jai jai

The great  Periyazhwar  in his emotional outpouring  reveals the essence of remembering LORD as his indweller ….

emmanaay! en_kula dheyvamE!* ennudai n^aayahanE!*
ninnuLEnaay peRRa n^anmai* ivvulahinil yaar peRuvaar?*
namman pOlE veezhththamukkum* naattiluLLa paavam ellaam*
summenaathE kaivittOdith* thooRuhaL paayndhanavE. ….

 Oh My Lord , my  ardent Deity, my  saviour ! Who else..Who else … in this world can enjoy the  eternal bliss that I  am enjoying  in you. All the  material miseries of this impermanent  world that  bear me  heavily like the pall of death have been  released  by themselves  in bushes without a whimper!

ananddhan paalum garudan paalum* aidhu n^oydhaaha vaiththu* en-
manandhanuLLE vandhuvaihi* vaazhachcheydhaay embiraan!*
ninaindhu ennuLLE n^inRu n^ekkuk* kaNgaL asumpozhuha*
ninaindhirundhE siramam theerndhEn* nEmi n^ediyavanE……..

 Oh LORD !!  Shifting your love for the Nitya suris  Ananta and Garuda,  My Lord !! you have entered into my  deep heart and  poured  me a new life. My Lord, my heart now  melts and  my eyes shed tears of ecstatic  joy.  Always thinking of you my LORD , I have ended my  miseries. O Lord bearing to discus!

Thadavarai vaay miLirndhu minnum* thavaLa n^eduNGgodi pOl*
sudaroLiyaay n^eNYchinuLLE* thOnRum en jOdhi n^ambi!*
vadathadamum vaikuntamum* madhiL thuvaraa pathiyum*
idavahaikaL ihazhndhittu* enpaal idavahai koNdanaiyE……….

 Oh Lord !!! Like a bright spotless flag fluttering gaily on a hill -top, my effulgent radiating  Lord, you appear as a bright flame flickering steadily  in  cavity of my heart.


Oh ! LORD Leaving the  milky Ocean in the opulent srivaikunta and  the walled city of Dvaraka and many  more such  opulent places of  your abodes , Oh Lord !!  you have chosen to live in me.


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics : Credits  from Google images

Adapted from a discourse from an advanced devotee


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Swamy Kandadai Andaan service to JagathaAcharya Swami Ramanuja

Swami Ramanuja indicated to MudaliAndaan about the auspicious happening and told him he would be blessed with a progeny soon. In due course , a son was born to Andaan. Thus, Andaan vamsam (family) were called Kandadayar family. It is said that a whole street [north mADa street] in Srivilliputthur bears the name ‘kandadaiyar vithi’, to signify the importance of the illustrious family.

kazhiyur varadan's web blog

Swami Mudaliandan was the foremost disciple of Swami  Ramanuja.   Mudaliandaan is considered as being an Avathara of the Lord  Rama Himself. Lord Rama was so pleased with Adiseshan’s service to him as Lakshmana that he wanted to serve him in future Avatharas. As a result, He bestowed the Avathara of Balarama to Adiseshan and himself as  Krishna. Adiseshan incarnated  as Swami Ramanuja ,  and LORD  Rama became his daasan. ( Daasarathe his original thirunamam) .


  Once, while serving  Swami Ramanuja inside a temple Andaan  expressed his anxiety  about blessing him with  a progeny to continue services to Asmath Acharyar and his mission .  During the conversation , Swamy Ramanuja received maha prasadam from the temple which was covered with a garment (Kandadai – Gandam + aadai – a piece of cloth with fragrance) worn  by  Lord’s thirumeni (Lord’s archamurthy).


Swami Ramanuja indicated to MudaliAndaan about the auspicious happening…

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Glory of the great Acharyar “Swami Thirukachchi Nambi ” and guide to Swamy Ramanuja who conversed with Lord Varadaraja of Kancheepuram


Swami Thiru-kachchi Nambi occupies a very unique position, both as an Acharyar, and as an advanced  devotee in srivaishnava  guru parampara . Swamy Nambi  is one of the very few devotees with whom the Lord Himself conversed regularly.


Swami Thirukkachchi nambi appeared  in a place called poo irunda valli (currently called poonamallee, near Chennai) happens to be today  Maasi Mrigasira Nakshatra.


Swamy moved to kAnchIpuram, and started performing  devotional service to LORD Varadaraja at Kancheepuram temple. His unique  service was to fan the Lord of Kanchi, Swami Varadaraja, everyday in the late morning-early afternoon, and in the night before Lord takes rest .


While doing the service (called thiru-Ala-vatta Kainkaryam in tamil), Lord Varadaraja used to  converse  with  Swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi about the happenings around the  world. The topics used to be anything from how the temple was being run, to the happenings in the city of Kanchipuram and esoteric topics about philosophy. The Lord considered swami thiru-k- kachchi nambi as His closest friend, and talked to him just like any friend would.


All this was due to the great qualities of swami thiru-k- kachchi nambi – his supreme devotion to Lord Varadaraja, his being devoid of any ego, and his being a true servant of the Lord, wanting no other thing but service to the Lord. One incident in his life is used to show how much Lord cared for him.


One morning, after the morning rituals were completed in the temple, everyone  left as usual. Lord Varadaraja and Swami thiru-k- kachchi nambi were relaxing  in the usual position, with Swami thiru-k-kachhci nambi performing the usual Kainkaryam of fanning the Lord. They were immersed on some interesting topic, and time passed without both of them noticing. Suddenly , It began to rain very heavily.


The time for thiru-k- kachchi nambi to go home for his afternoon prasadam arrived, and Lord seemed to be resting. So, swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi  took leave from  Lord, and went outside the covered Mantapam. It was raining very heavily, and hence he could not move out . He was getting concerned that if he is delayed now, then he will be delayed coming back to the temple for evening services.


Suddenly, an aged Sri Vaishnava person appeared with an umbrella, and told swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi that Lord Varadaraja had instructed him to accompany swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi to his home with the umbrella, and bring him back.


wp-1488810159192.jpgSwami thiru-k-kachchi nambi was very moved with this kindness, and thanked the Sri Vaishnava and the Lord for the great help  Evening came, and swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi was delayed a little bit in starting for the temple.


The Sri Vaishnava who accompanied him to his house was still there, waiting for him, so that he could accompany him back to the temple. Meanwhile, in the temple, the priests arrived  to start performing the evening rituals. When they entered the sanctum sanctorum, they were shocked and taken aback.


The Lord was not there in the temple! They looked everywhere, and the Lord was not there! They were much worried, and were waiting for swami thiru-k- kachchi nambi to come back so that they can ask him if he knew where the Lord went, or if the Lord was upset  with some mistake that might have happened.After sometime, Swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi came with the SriVaishnava.


The priests immediately went to him, and explained the situation, and asked him with great concern if he knew anything. Swamithiru-k-kachchi nambi told them he had no idea about what might have happened, and immediately started crying.


After all, Lord Varadaraja was not just the Supreme Being to him; He was also his closest friend.


After a few minutes, swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi wanted to go to theLord’s usual place and see if he can get any clues from there. He went to the usual place of the Lord, and lo and behold, the Lord was there,smiling and with a very satisfied look on His  lotus face! Immediately, swami thiru-k-kachci nambi ran to the priests and conveyed the happy news.


Everyone wanted to celebrate, and looked for the Sri Vaishnava who had accompanied swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi so that they could invite him to join the celebrations too.


They could not find him. He had vanished. When the priests went near the Lord to start performing the services ,they saw water droplets on Him! Everyone now realized what had happened. The Lord Himself, unable to bear the thought of swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi getting wet by the rain, had accompanied him to his home. Not only that, He waited there so that He could accompany swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi back to the temple!


Such was  the greatness of  the revered Acharyar  Swami thiru-k-kachchi nambi…


Later during his last days  ,  once Swamy Thirukachi nambhigal while continuing his fanning service to Lord Sri Varadaraja Perumal his aalavattam (fan) slipped and fell on Lord.Very disturbed he realises the body  was not supporting his kainkaryam ….


Thirukachi Nambhigal immediately realized that the time for him to leave this materialistic world had come.


Nambhigal  submits to LORD and requests Perumal to grant him liberation .


Lord Varadaraja Perumal  smiles and replies

 My dear  Nambee !!… granting Moksham needs  “Bhaagavatha Sambhandham”.

Your fanning made me speak to you ..

Neer Veesiner, Naan Pessinen”.


Thirukachi Nambhigal now decides to “earn” some Bhaagavatha Abhimaanam.


He takes permission  from Lord Varadaraja and then proceeds to the home of the great Acharya Thirukostiyur Nambhi. He  realises that Thirukostiyur Nambhi (Swami Ramanuja’s acharya) would not accept as a domestic help someone whom Lord Varadaraja himself had conversed with.


So Thirukachi Nambhigal under the guise of a common peasant introduces himself as Gajendra Dasan (his Birth name) and requests for some  small work from Thirukostiyur Nambhigal. Unaware that it was Thirukachi Nambhigal himself seeking work, Thirukostiyur Nambhigal asks him to take care of his cows and bullock cart.( An oppurtunity to have some service to devotees ) 

jai-srikrishnaThirukachi Nambhigal  is relieved and happy that he has had got  an opportunity to serve a great Acharya. One rainy day Thirukostiyur Nambhigal finds his cows missing and asks his  shishyas to find the cows. But the  disciples are not keen  to go in the heavy rains  and blowing winds.


 Thirukostiyur Nambhi decides to look for the cows by himself. He calls for Thirukachi Nambhigal for help. Thirukachi Nambhigal  very eager to serve Acharyar , instantly replies “Adiyen”  your servant is awaiting for your instructions ….

Thirukostiyur Nambhi  is  surprised and looks in the direction of the voice.


To his wonder, Thirukachi Nambhigal had  already brought the cows home and  covered them with his own clothes .


Thirukoshtiyur Nambhi is instantly pleased at Thirukachi nambhigal’s devotion . He  calls his wife and  advises her to honour the disciple with prasad….


Since his Master  had called him as Nam Mattukaran, which signifies a relationship and hence Bhagavatha Sambandham Nambhi is overjoyed ….

The next day Nambhi changes to his original attire as when fanning  Lord Varadaraja Perumal .He reveals his identity and narrates the sequence of incidents that led him to coming as Gajandra dasan to Thirukostiyur Nambhigal.


Finally  being blessed with Bhaagavatha Sambandham, Nambhigal returns to Lord Varadaraja Perumal’s sanctum sancatorium.


Like an eager mother expecting her child back, Lord Varadaraja with open arms welcomes Nambhigal right at the steps and praises Thirukachi Nambhigal’s steadfast devotion and affection. The emotional outpour  “Devaraja Ashtakam”, glorifying the Lord’s boundless love for His Bakthas  is revealed ……and the pains of this materialistic world!


 Swamy Nambhigal attains moksham to serve Sriman Narayana in Sri Vaikuntam permanently .

Today  6-3-2017 ..being Swamy Thirukachi Nambi appearance lets pray for steadfast devotion from revered Acharyar …

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics : Courtesy Google images and several advanced devotees 

Videos : Sri Devanathan & Sri Padmanabhan


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The great disciple of Nammazhwar Swami Madhurakavi Azhwar approached his Guru who was ( the divine boy who was meditating deeply with his legs crossed and hands in chin mudrai pose. )Madhurakavi thought that the boy could be deaf and dumb. To draw his attention ,he took a small stone and threw it in the lotus pond nearby.If a small one is born into a dead thing, what will it do ? and where will it be”? The inner meaning mentions that when a soul enters a body, the body gets life and the soul forgets its true nature , thus thinks that the body is everything The soul enjoys and suffers everything through the body.

It eats and lives on whatever the body earns as sin and virtues . Once the body is dead, the soul departs. Till the time the soul is present, it has to suffer and enjoy all the feelings of the body.

The reply was “It will eat that and stay there”.

Nothing could be understood if not for our great achaaryas who had provided us with the inner meaning of this important quote

kazhiyur varadan's web blog

In Srimad Bhagavatha Mahapurana as part of a discussion between King Nimi and sage Karabhajana  the advent of the  Srivaishnava Azhwars appearance in the Kali age is revealed .



 ” In the Kali age men devoted to Lord Sriman Narayana will be born in large numbers near  the Dravida territory where in the rivers Tamaraparni, Vaigai ,  Paalaar  the most sacred Kaaveri   flows .”


 True to the epic , both Swamy  Namaazhwar and Madhurakavi Azhwar  appeared on the banks of Tambaraparni river . It is said that just after 40 years of the disappearance of Lord Krishna , Nammazhwar appeared .  Periyazhwar and Sri Andal  appeared in a place close to river Vaigai , the Mudal Azhwars and Thirumazhisai Azhwar appeared  near Paalaar and Thodaradippodi Azhwar, Thiruppaanaazhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar  appeared near river Kaaveri.

Thiruvallikeni 12418962_1039908092698424_7079268658380822918_o

The most holy place Thirukurugur  “Alwar Tirunagari”  is about 30kms east of Tirunelveli on the Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur highway off the Southern banks of Tamaraparani   .

Check this post for…

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Lord moved by the Vatsalya bhava of Varadaguru calls him ‘Amma’ – my mother….( the divine play where Acharyar Varadaguru is rechristened to Nadadhoor Ammal.

Acharyar Varadaguru   the  revered  Acharya had the deepest bhakti to Lord Varadaraja. At Kanchipuram , one  evening  Varadaguru  was serving  ” LORD”  in an ecstatic mood.   As a part of the regular service , the  temple priest brought very hot milk to the Lord as offering .


 Acharyar Varadaguru was deeply distressed  looking at the boiling milk . He  was  disturbed  as he felt  , offering the hot milk would burn the tender tongue of the Lord!


He stopped the priest from offering the hot milk. He pleaded him to wait .He  began cooling it down until it was warm enough to be offered to the Lordships.


The Lord himself was moved by the Vatsalya bhava of Varadaguru  and called him ‘Amma’ – my mother!

From then onwards Varadaguru became Nadadoor Ammal….



After this episode, in a dream one night, Lord Varadaraja commanded Ammal to erect a Mantapam for conducting  Vasantotsavam. Accordingly Ammal fulfilled the Lord’s desire, just as a mother would fulfill the wishes of her son in spite of  unexpected difficulties.


Another glorious pastime remains to be cherished .


Once Ammal and his disciples undertook a pilgrimage to Tirumalai hills. The  graceful personality and humility  of Acharyar attracted the people there.. A Chieftain Kandavaran was the leader of that Lada  race . He was annoyed and irritated to see the crowd falling the the feet of Acharyar. 


He decided to disturb them. With his mantric power he made the disciples unconscious. Ammal meditated and chanted the Sudarsana maha mantra


and his own composition ‘Hetipungavastotram’ and broke the spell.


The angry Kandavaran called Ammal for a debate and when defeated surrendered to the Acharya himself. The benevolent guru not only excused him but also made him a Srivaishnava by offering him Panchasamskaras.


With the money offered by Kandavaran, Ammal established a beautiful village and named it ‘Ladagraharam’ and continued his journey. On the way, the Lord himself came as a young brahmachari and appeased the hunger of the pilgrims with curd and rice. At the same time, there was a big commotion in the temple as the silver vessel with the naivedyam had suddenly disappeared.


Lord Venkateswara Himself announced to the temple authorities that He Himself fed his dear Ammal and his disciples and that they should receive Ammal with all temple honours who will be arriving shortly .  Swami Engalazhwan was  Acharya of Nadathur Ammal ,  who was the direct disciple  of Thirukkurukaippiran Pillan .


Acharya Nadadoor Thiruvadigale sharanam
Srimathey Ramanujaya namah

Pics credits : Google images

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“Total surrender”…. ..” Pranaya Kalagam Uthsavam ( Panguni Uthiram vaibha

Pics The month of  ( March – April )   in tamil (Panguni )  is sacred  as it is the appearance month of –  Lord Ranganatha  on Panguni Revathi and Goddess  Sri Ranganayaki Thayar on Panguni Uthiram both occur during this month.


 .  This is the only day on which the Divya  Dampatis of Srirangam are seen together in Utsavam. The Utsavam  takes place at the royal court located at the western entrance of  the great Temple of Lord Ranganatha. Interestingly, this is the only  entrance which does not have a Rajagopuram. Incredibly Swamy Ramanuja  chose this blessed day for reciting the wonderful hymns  the Gadya  Trayam- Saranagathi gadyam,Sriranga gadyam and Vaikunta gadyam, unambiguously outlining the doctrine of  Surrender .(SharaNagati-which is  atma Vivaham) wedding of the jivAtma to the paramAtma.


On this day Panguni Uttaram , Swamy  Ramanuja gathered his  disciples and  approached  the great Temple of Lord Ranganatha. Our Paramacharya was greatly moved by the majestic sight of the Divya Dampatis beautifully decorated in Utsavam at the Royal Court of Lord Ranganatha. As a result of this Anubhavam, Swamy  Ramanuja  poured out his heart in an extremely soulful, highly intimate, and deeply intense SharaNagati  ( TOTAL SURRENDER ) in the Sharanagati Gadyam and the Sri Ranganatha Gadyam.

The most important and the oldest Brahmotsavam called as “Adi Brahmotsavam” is performed during this month for 10 days and culminates on the next day of Panguni Uthiram.  During this brahmotsavam, Lord Ranganatha marries Kamalavalli Nachiyar of Uraiyur  divyadesam.


Many devotees make it a point to have darshanam of Lordships on this day specially to have kataksham by Divine Parents .

jaiii3 days before Panguni Uthram(when Asilesha star is in ascendant),  Lord Namperumal visits  Goddess Kamalavalli Nachiyar at Uraiyur and marries the princess..


Only on this day, Perumal gives darshan with Kamalavalli at Uraiyur for one full day.    Incidentally this is the place where the great Thiruppan Azhwar appeared .


On the 9th day of Brahmotsavam, the serthi (divine union) takes place at Srirangam.  On this day alone, Namperumal gives darshan along with Ranganayaki Thayar.  


An  interesting event cherished as  ” Pranaya Kalagam Uthsavam ”  takes  place on Panguni Uthiram  day morning and in the night , Gadyathrayam(threee gadyams) are recited in front of the Lordships which is followed by Thirumanjanam (Holy abhishekam) to Namperumal and Ranganayaki Thayar .  Thirumanjanam is performed for 18 times reminding us of Swamy  Ramanujar’s visits to Thirugoshtiyur.  which  are sequel to this  sweet visit. Our Mother Sr Ranganayaki comes to know of  LORDs  visit to  Uraiyur  nachiyar and gets upset.


The dramatic events on the Panguni Uthiram day unfold as Sri Ranganachiyar vents her Pranaya  Kobam  on Lord  Namperumal and how Lord  pacifies her and how in the end the divya dampathis join together to bless the devotees makes this festival a feast to the soul  .  In the morning hours  , Lord aware of Goddess mood goes around the four mada streets without any  musical instrument being played ( Nadaswaram )  to collect  kanikai ( gifts )  from devotees and  thus gives darsanam to everyone   .


 The devotees are given an opportunity to serve Rajadhirajan(Lord of the Universe) with some money. He stops at every house asking His  devotees  to support Him when He faces the queen   Goddess Sri Ranga Nachiyar.


With the temple elephant (Andal) leading the way followed by the vedic pundits reciting  dhivya prabhandha goshti  LORD  enters the temple and walks towards the  sanctorium (sannidhi)  of Goddess (Thayar)  after literally moving around  for  three hours  around the prakarams. When Sri Ranga Nachiyar sees Lord Ranganatha coming towards Her, the temple  doors  are  shut. For the next couple of hours, Pranaya Kalagam Uthsavam (household quarrel between the Lord and His consort) takes place that is wonderfully enacted by Arayar swamy.. The conversations  between Namperumal and Ranganayaki Thayar are  communicated through Arayar swami (for Namperumal) and through Pandari swami (for Ranganayaki Thayar) and they never face each other during this  kalagam Utsavam .  


The Lord pleads innocence  and tries to appease  the goddess  in many ways but all his submission is outrightly rejected .   Few questions asked by Goddess  make this  utsavam very interesting …

Goddess questions  Lord  about  his scratch marks on His Thirukkazuthu (neck) and  reason for  His Thirukkangal (eyes) becoming  so red. She also asks why His Thiruman kappu  ( Tilak ) and His Thirukkuzal (hair) are all messed up. She also goes on to ask Him why His Thiruvadharam (lips) are white and  why He has kungumappoo (Saffron powder) all over his Thirumeni (body), His ThiruvadigaL (lotus feet) are red. Hence, She says that She was very unhappy because of HIS indifference to her .

The Lord  out of divine love  responds back to each question.


Being   the protector of the universe (Jagadhrakshakan),   riding the horse  in the night   and fighting against all evil  forces to protect His devotees and  thus the  eyes were red.

Hair locks are messed up because of the fierce winds while galloping on the horse.

His Thiruman kappu had dissolved because of the harsh sun rays.

His lips were white because He had to fight against the asuras (demons) to protect the the devathas.


His neck was all scratched by thorns while He was riding through thick forests to fight the Asuras.

He continues  further  , that His legs were red because He had to ride the horse with His feet in the stirrup and finally

He has kungumappoo all over His body because the Devathas praised Him after His victorious campaign by showering Him with flowers.


Thus, He   submits that He was late because of all the battles He had to wage with the Asuras and due to this calamity   lost the ring in the river Kollidam while   returning.

He had to get a new ring and some flowers before he  meets  Her.

This caused Him to be late.

Goddess    is still not convinced and   refuses all His gifts and flowers and  commands  him to never come inside and return back to Uraiyur  where HE had been  a couple of days ago.


Lord Namperumal with a very innocent look replies saying that He doesn’t know  the place called Uraiyur and has never been there. Ranganayaki Thayaar asks the Lord to prove His statements.

To prove his innocence  Lord offers to put His hands in a vessel full of snakes ,

cross any ocean  of Goddess choice ,

and offered to promise on His devotees that He has never seen Uraiyur.


Sri Ranga Nachiyar rebukes HIS explanations.   He, the one who sleeps on a bed of Adhi Sesha  ( Serpent bed ) would never be harmed by any snakes. He, the one who lies in the great milk ocean (ThiruppArkadal) and for whom the river Yamuna parted to let Him through as baby Krishna will have no problem crossing any ocean. Also, HE, whose lotus feet are sought after by all His devotees would never be betrayed by them. Unmindful , she exhibits her  annoyance of Pranayakalpa by  throwing  milk, curd, butter and flowers on Him .


Lord Ranganatha now pleads  innocently then says that He has come to meet Her after going through such difficulties and She is not letting Him in. He says He feels very depressed and embarrassed as She shut the door in His face. The Lord says – “andha avamanam umakku andri yamakku illai” meaning “this embarrassment is not for me but for you.”

Seeing the Lord is feeling very sad,  our  great  Nammazwaar, acts as the mediator and approaches  mother Sri Ranganayaki and says that if the supreme Lord and Goddess  are upset against each other, then that would be the end of all known universe (Pralayam).

hariHe requests  Mother and  prays that  the Lord is for all and She has to understand that He is sought after by all and so She should be able to let Her Azhagiya MaNavalan go to His devotees too  as well for granting their prayers  and uplift them finally  So, He humbly requests that Sriranganachiyar forgive the Lord and allow Him to enter Her premises.


Goddess Ranganayaki   understands Nammazwars reasoning and commands Her assistants to let Her Lord  enter inside.  Lord Ranganatha and Ranganayaki come together and exchange garlands, Kasturi Thilakam, turmeric and necklaces  making a benchmark of a  divine couple .
As soon as the door is opened, Lord  Azhagiya Manavalan is delighted and rushes  in to be with His consort. A beautiful scene transpires here.


The Lord does not go immediately to our Sri Ranganayaki  sannidhi . But rather goes to the mudhal mandapam and stands there, as if to ascertain whether our Thayar has really accepted and forgiven him.  Lord sends his vastram  across to Thayar, which is accepted  by the Thayar. After this the Lord then directly heads towards and Thayar Sannidhi and then he seats directly across Sri Ranganayaki Thayar. Now our Aranganathan looks at our Lokamatha  Thayar’s eyes directly as if to ask “why did you make me go through this struggle” and Thayar in turn asks him “Why did you go away without telling me”.


At this point of time other than the Sri Ranganayaki’s Archakas and our Sriranganathan’s Archakas, no one is allowed to be present. Thus sweet conversation takes place between our  Lord Aranganthan and Ranganyaki Thayar as it would take place between any husband and wife. After they have talked for a long time, our Azagiya manavalan asks Thayars permission to go and complete the Panguni uthram thirunal as several devotees are waiting.  Thayar replies that how can she let him without having performed any upacharam. She then gets delicious and sumptuous “Akkara adasil” ( Sweet pudding )   prepared for him, with copious amount of milk, rice, dhal ( lentils ) , jaggery and lots pure ghee.

jai jai

Both our  Lordships now grace  together and have the delicious “Akara adisil” ! The happiness of the Lord and   Thayar can be seen in the eyes of lord who cannot take his eyes away from the Thayar! After this beautiful sight, the lord then decides to head towards the beautifully renovated Panguni Uthram mandapam. As soon as our Azagiya manavalan reaches the mandapam in the afternoon, our Thayar immediately, but silently and surreptitiously enters the mandapam as if she doesnt want anybody to talk about or ask her about what  had happened .


After this the Lord and Ranganayaki Thayar  give darsanam to several devotees who have thronged to see them. It has to be mentioned that here only the Thayar is adorned with a garland and not then Lord himself! Also, Namperumal doesn’t face the audience but looks uninterruptedly at Thayar.

The  recitation of the Gadhya Thrayam begins at about 11 P.M. . Those heavenly chants fill the air with beatitude and immense happiness. At this time the whole srirangam is very festive and people make sweets and savories as if there is a marriage in their own house.After all, it is a happy and beautiful unification between the Royal couple! The Gadhya Thrayam starts with the chant of “Vaikunta Gadhyam” and then proceeds with the “Sri RangaGadhyam” and at last ends with the beautiful chant of the “Sarangadhi gadhyam”!

Lord Namperumal (Sri Ranganathar) and Peria pirattlar (Sriranga nachiar) are seated together. Lord (naMperumAL) is standing majestically as usual and more beautiful and graceful today due to the compassionate looking pirAtti and is enjoying the beauty of Her Lord without taking Her eyes off Him even for a second This was the right opportunity for LokaAcharyar Swami Ramanuja to ask for favors from our DIVINE PARENTS.

He submits to the LOTUS FEET through his divine outpourings Gadyatrayam. Swamy Ramanuja worshipping them, submits his deep fear of samsara (association with the body in a cycle of births) and begs the Lord to save him. Swamy Ramanuja surrendered his all to the Lord and begged Him to be his sole savior. In the Three Gadyaas, Swamy Ramanuja’s prayed swamies innermost feelings of deep devotion to the Lord break all restrictions and flow freely towards the Lord and His consort.

These are prima facie a spontaneous outburst of devotional experience and not coldly labored compositions. The inner voice of the devotee addresses Sri and the Lord and they do reply clearly through the same inner voice. In the Saranagati gadya, Swamy Ramanuja first addresses Sri as the mother of the Universe, as his own mother, and as the loving consort of his Lord, and seeks her intercession on his behalf. This is itself a saranagati addressed to the mother.


Happy at being addressed this, Sri replies ‘So be it’; “let your prapathi bear the proper fruit of being accepted as a devoted servant” The commentators have it that this assurance is not only for the Acharya but for all his spiritual progeny. The boon that Lord granted to Swamy Ramanuja applies to his spiritual heirs. It is worth noting that once he gets the assurance from Sri of her sure mediation, he addresses himself directly to the Lord seeking Him as the sole savior. The LokAcharya then addresses the Lord speaking of His incomparable glory, “His immense wealth, His power, His retinue, His divine weapons, His beautiful ornaments, His loving consorts, of His infinite compassion and other admirable qualities words which are a rhapsody of devout fervor which can come only from the very depth of a realized soul. Swamy Ramanuja holds out prapathi as the highest message he had for his followers.


The Sriranga gadyam is a shorter piece and is essentially the same as the Saranagati gadyam. It is addressed directly to Sriranganatha. ” Sriranganatha! mama natha! namostu te” are the words of the acharya. To the seeker of salvation who has taken to the path of Prapathi, it is essential that he should spend his time in devoted service of the lord; in serving his devotees; by meditating on Him and singing His praise; by repeatedly uttering the Dvaya mantra (this is an enjoyable and sweet pastime).


The acharya gives expression to all these, briefly, in confidence to the lord at Srirangam. His intention is that this short text may be repeated easily in the presence of the Lord by devotees intent on the fruit prayed for.    Immensely pleased , Lord assures Swamy Ramanuja that  He and all his disciples will be surely uplifted for attaining the paramaporul Moksha for sure . Later, Thirumanjanam to Namperumal and Thayar are performed for 18 times.  This signifies Sri Ramanujar’s visit to Thirugoshtiyur to learn the dwayam mantra artham.  All the upacharams are performed for 18 times.


 Later, saatrumarai goshti is done at Udayavar (Ramanujar’s )sannidhi in the early hours.  At about 7 A.M. the next day, Perumal reluctantly leaves thayar and goes back on Goratham.

After all this, the Lord then requests Thayar’s permission to go and complete the remaining procession. At this request, our Ranganayaki thayar’s face drops and looks downcast, which indicates her reluctance to part with  the Lord at this point of time. But ,  thayar then mentions that First she will leave and return back to her Moolasthanam after which the Lord can start.


This shows the patience, forbearance and the humility of our beloved Thayar. The Lord then starts to leave towards the “Goratham (Chariot), before which  he peeps into Sri Ranganyaki Thayrs sannidhi, as if to take a glimpse of his beloved wife and say “Bye” before proceeding . After this the Lord starts for the procession.  Anywhere in the world a woman has to undergo lot of troubles and hardships and still put  up a smile to make everyone in her family happy.



 On Panguni Uthiram day, only Thayar sannidhi is kept open and it is not possible to have Sri Ranganathar(moolavar) darsanam on that day.


All adiyars know that the Lord and Thayar are above all such domestic quarrels taking place in our lives all the time. We also know that He is the fountainhead of all things in the universe and there is nothing like He  should  be going after several  women  etc. when He himself is paramporul ( The ultimate )  . Secondly  the big question  will Thayar ever quarrel with the Lord? So what is the significance ??


Elders clarify that  the significance of all this drama is that Namperumal and Thayar are doing a play act to demonstrate to ordinary mortals like us how to run the household with harmony in the face of upsets. They also show the deep love ,  mercy  and  compassion  true ladies have and why we have to give the ladies great respect and exalted position in our society. Azhwar describes Srirangam as the abode of the supreme Lord who had sixteen thousand devi’s (as he married all of them in His Krishnavataram by their  deep devotion and request ). When he has already taken sixteen thousand consorts which Sri Rukmini Devi whole heartedly accepted, where is the question of getting upset about one Kamalavalli nachiyar? of Uraiyur . Our   Perumal is Paramatma and the jivatmas represented by Thayar are all wedded to Paramatma with Thayar doing the purushakaaram(bridge between Perumal and the fallen souls)

Andal nachiyar explains:-
“Peyyu ma mukil pol vanna, un pechum seikaium engalai
Maiyal erri mayakka un mukam maya mandiram than kolo”


Hey, dark skinned Lord, your words, acts and your innocent looking face are all designed to cast a spell over us. The Lord will always cast his spell over His devotees to protect them. And Maya Jagan Mohini Thayar always  assists Him in his spell!


When the Lord knows that Nachityar is upset with him, He is planning to pacify her indicating thereby that all of us should try earnestly to take care of the ladies’ concerns.


In this entire drama, what stands out is the “Paraspara Anyonyam” of the Divya Dampathis. When Thayar is angry Lord understands and adopts a seemingly submissive posture. And Thayar relents when overlooking the fact that it is the only day in a year she is with Him and He has been to another nachiyar. She sets an example of kindness and  forgiveness  for all the womenfolk.


When Thayar allows Lord  to enter Her Sannadhi, He at first stops at first mantapam and sends His Vastram to her. He does not rush in all the way. Thayar also understands His intention and accepts the vastram. She knows He will be hungry and gets a sumptuous Akkara Adisil  ( sweet pudding) prepared for Him. In these days of hurried life when both the partners sometime go to work, can you imagine such understandings  . Later She silently follows Him so that the devotees do not smell any difference between them! It is truly amazing that Divya Dhampathis had set examples which are relevant even today………

Arangan Vazhga,     Arangamaanagar Vazhga

Let Lord Ranganatha protect us    Let Shri Ranganachiyar bless us always …

Sri Ranga MangaLa nidhim karuna nivAsam
Sri Venkatadhri SikharAlaya KaaLamegham
Sri Hastigiri Siksrojvala Paarijatham
Sreesam namAmi Sirasa yadhusaila dheepam
Seeking the Lotus feet of Narayana



Kaveri Viraja Seyam Vaikuntam Rangamandiram,
Sri Vasudevo Rangesaha, Prathyaksham paramam patham
Vimanam Pranavakaram, Vedasrungam mahadbhutham
SriRangasayi bhagavan pranavaartha prakasakaha!

May the Lord and Thayar bless all devotees with such anyonyam. Let the  eyes which have seen the Supreme Lord who ate plenty of butter and who has conquered my heart view nothing else.


Adiyen must have committed apacharas in expressing this wonderful utsavam which is due to adiyens mandha budhee and seeks forgivance to all the bhagavathas who are reading this ..

Vachaka Dhosham Kashamikkavaum………….

Pics : Courtesy Google images /and all the great devotees who shared in social media

Adapted from Sriman Narasimha bhattar article ..
Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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At Tirumala …. Lord Venkateshwara Abhisheka vaibhavam …….. VenkaTAdri samam sthAnam brahmANDe nAsti kinchana …venkateSa samo devo …. na bhUto na bhaviSyati……..

This gallery contains 16 photos.

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 The Lord of the seven hills is the Lord of the universe. The special significance of Lord Venkateswara temple at Tirumala lies in the fact that it is the oldest religious institutions…

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The Lord who obeyed his dear devotee Tirumazhisai Azhwar request .. …..”Sonna VaNNAm Seyytha Perumal”.

Thirumazhisai is a holy place located equidistant to Kancheepuram , Mahabalipuram and Mylapur in the present  chengelpet district ( Tamilnadu) . This place is very famous for  Lord Jagganatha Perumal temple . 

The holy place  has  cool streams  fruit and flower grooves yielding abundant fruits.  The  blossoming flowers all through makes it  a  perfect place for a  nature  lover .

Long Shot of Main Gopuram

Several seers , sages , nomadic saints , bhikshukas relax and perform penance at  this place for eternal peace .

sri Jagganathan

In such an wonderful place , Thirumazhisai Azhwar appeared  much earlier than the advent of Kaliyuga .( The appearance day being  ( Thai  Magam ) 

154187145.9eGyDHLj Thiruneermalai

 It is believed , Azhwar lived for almost 400 years glorifying the Lordships .

Thirumazhi Alwar

Thirumazhisai Azhwar was a junior contemporary of the foremost Azhwars Pogai , Pey and Bhudath Azhwar  who laid a solid foundation for vishistadvaita long long ago .


Azhwar was brought up by his foster parents at Thirumazhisai . It is believed Azhwar left them at a very young age  and practiced Ashtanga Yoga .


With the main aim of seeking absolute truth  he performed severe austerities and penances . 

He studied and practiced  all religious ideas  existed during those days  Jainism , Buddhism , Carvaka etc one by one until he got disillusioned with each of them . Slowly he came into the fold of saivism through a siddar and  started practicing their faith .  He was given a name Sivavakyar . However his search to the absolute truth was not finished . It so happened  by divine will he happened to see the effulgence of  Pey Azhwar  at Kanchipuram.

Thirumazhisai Azhvar Utsavar

Peyazhwar was maintaining a garden and  Siva Vakyar used to pass that way. Keen to know the secrets of the divine knowledge , both used to discuss about the faith they followed and wanted to conclude  about the ultimate truth . Peyazhwar decided to practically demonstrate the absolute truth to his friend .


One day Peyazhwar took a weak rope with knots and a pot with holes .He drew water from the well through this pot  and poured it to the  plants that he planted upside down.


Siva Vakyar  saw this  strange act and was surprised to see PeyAzhwar’s behaviour  . Peyazhwar asked him why  was he disturbed  . 

Thirumazhisai  replied   Holy Sire ! I am surprised with your strange act!  being so learned  ,  How will the purpose of watering the plants serve in this method , as the plant is planted upside down and the pot that contained  holes will water the plants?

 Peyazhwar  was glad  that he had started pondering over the truth   .Peyazwar told him that the rope was the example for his Atma which is searching through different faiths  to find the Absolute truth ,  but  has not succeeded in its search for the truth and still going on searching wasting precious time .

  Peyazhwar further explained , My dear young man , Our ancestors had explained in the following verse“ Thirumaal is like the root of the plant and is  the only ParamporuL.


From the root only , the  leaves, branches, flowers and fruits appear . Similarly all the demigods  took forms only from the root and so they might wither away at some time or other.


Hence it is poor understanding  to think that the other parts of the plant are superior to the root, meaning without the root the plant cannot survive.  “Persons engaged in the worship of demigods are not  clear , although such worship is indirectly offered to Me.” For example, when water is poured  on the leaves and branches of a tree instead  on the root, he does so without sufficient knowledge or without observing regulative principles. 

The process of watering a tree is to pour water on the root. Similarly, the process of rendering service to different parts of the body is to supply food to the stomach. The demigods are, so to speak, different directors in the government of the Supreme Lord. One has to follow the laws made by the government only , not by the others . Similarly, everyone is to offer his worship to the Supreme Lord only. That will automatically satisfy the different  demigods who are working under the  the Lord.

Peyazwar’s explanation put Siva Vakyar in deep thought. He realized that he was still searching for the true knowledge , but couldn’t find it. He requested Peyazhwar to accept him as his disciple.  Peyazhwar  named  him Bhaktisaara . He started following vaishnavism and serving Peyazhwar  for more lessons  .


Later he took leave of Peyazhwar and went on divya desa yathra. After visiting few divya desams he went  back to Thiruvekka ( Kancheepuram) and stayed there. Kanikannan  a devotee , requested  Bhaktisarar  to accept him as his disciple. Azhwar accepted him as his disciple.


 It so happened  at Thiruvekka in his ashram an old lady used to come and clean his place, and perform small service to him. One day she prayed him that being old she felt that she may not be able to serve him longer and regretted for joining this pious service after becoming old.

Azhwar was touched with her devotion and sincerity and blessed her regain her youth .


One day the king of  Kanchi happened to see this lady who was so beautiful after Azhwars blessings. He instantly fell in love with her. He married her and took her to his palace.

As years rolled by the king was becoming old, but his wife was as young as she was when he got her married. He asked her what was the secret and she  revealed about Azhwar’s blessings.


.She suggested the King to ask  the disciple KaNaikaNNan to request Azhwar  to be invited to the palace. . The king sent for KaNIkaNNan and told him to summon  Azhwar and compose a verse in his praise and to restore his youth.

KaNikaNNan  replied .. Oh  King …. Azhwar would never  compose verses praising mortals. Azhwar will only glorify the   Lordships and no one else ..and cannot  accept his request ..


 The King  orders both of   them  to leave the kingdom immediately. KaNikaNNan informs  Azhwar all that had happened.  Azhwar decides to leave the kingdom with his disciple . He submits to   Lord  to join along with them . He prays with the verse ….

kanikannan pogindran kamuru punkachi

Manivanna Ni kidaka Vendi Thunivudaya

Chennapulaven naanum Poogindren Neeyum

Undan Pinaga payeyi Churuttikoll…..

meaning … Kanikannan is going out of Kanchi O! Manivanna, You don’t have to lie here anymore. Since, as the fluent poet that I am also leaving with him, you also roll your serpent bed and follow me” And, accordingly all of them left Kanchipuram and  stayed at Orikai for one night.


Lo presto! What a surprise! The Lord obeyed his true devotee’s order, He got up and followed his devotees out of the city, folding His snake-bed and sticking it under arm.


The next moment the whole city  is plunged into darkness .. The king is  frightened  with the calamities about to happen . He quickly summons  his ministers for immediate remedy. The ministers explain his blunder in committing a grave offence on an advanced  devotee  and said  it was a grave sin expelling the saint .  They advised there  was no other alternative, but to go and ask for his pardon and beseech him to come back.

The king along with his courtiers reached the place Orikai  where Azhwar and KaNikaNNan were staying for the night.  The King  fell at their feet and begged them to return to the city.

Azhwar forgiving the king accepts to return back . He once  again requests  the Lord to return….

Kannikannan pokoindan kamaru punkachi

Manivanna Ni kidaka Vendi Thunivudaya

Chennapulavan Nanuum pokoindan Neeyum

Undan Pinaga Payeyi Virithu Koll…..

Meaning …. ” Kanikannan has changed his mind and rescind his decision to leave Kanchi. Since, as the fluent poet that I am also returning with him, You may also return and lie down on your serpent bed as before.

All of them return accordingly and Kanchipuram regains its lost glory.

Since the Lord obeyed  as he was told by the Azhwar, he  is glorified as  ‘Yatotkari’ and ‘Sonna vannam Seitha Perumal’-meaning ‘the Lord who acted as told’

 From then onwards the Lord got the name Sonna VaNNAm Seytha Perumal and in Sanskrit Yathokthakari.  This divine incident had been glorified by Arunagirinatar and Kumaragurupanar both devotees of Paramasivan and Skandar in their works  .


The place they stayed for the night got the name…(Orikkai ) Oriravu Irukkai and at present is known as Orikkai where a Mani Mandapam is erected. 

Poigai Azhwar, Peyazhwar,Thirumzhisai Azhwar, Nammazhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar have sung in praise of the Lord here. KOMALAVALLI thayar is the consort. Sri Vedantha Desikar had composed his VEHHA SETHU STOTRAM glorified the Lord here.

 It is said , Swami Manavala Mamunigal gave discourses on Sri Bhashyam in this beautiful  temple for one  year.  Swamy  in  preaching posture graces the devotees .


 A special feature of Thirumazhisai Azhwar at the Jagannatha Perumal temple in Kancheepuram is that he is seen with a third eye. Thirumazhisai Azhwar  later  moved to Thiru Kudanthai ( Kumbakonam ) and glorified the Lord there .


 Thirumazhisai Azhwar’s contribution to the Nalayira Divya Prabhandham includes over 200 verses (Naanmugan Thiruvanthaathi and Thiruchandha Viruththam) of praise.  It is construed , Azhwar expresses after thoroughly convincing himself about the futility of all the other faiths of his first hand experience and affirms LORD  SRIMAN NARAYANA is the supreme and absolute reality .


The second composition “Thiruchandha Viruththam” has 120 pasurams which is included in the first thousand of the DivyaPrabhandam . 

The composition is so charming that the chanter is tempted to swoon himself to the lilting chants coming out naturally in the divine composition . The rhythm goes like  tana tana tana tana tana tana Tanana…


Makhayam makare mase     Chakramsam bhargavodbhavam

Mahisara puradhisam     bhakthisara maham bhaje


Azhwar Thiru adigale sharanam
Sonna VaNNam Seytha PerumaL ThiruvadikaLe SaraNam!

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics : Credits Google images

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