The Indwellers love for his child …..

Swamy Parasara Bhattar  the  great successor of Jagath Acharyar Swami Ramanuja was a prolific writer  with great distinction. Acharyar’s  works in Sanskrit and  tamil bear   amazing scholarship and command .  Swamy’s  works in Sanskrit  include  Ashtasloki, BhagavadgunaDarpanam , SriGunaRatnakosam, SriRanganathaStotram, Sri Ranganatha Stavam. 


Swamy Parasara bhattar was the  officiating  chief-priest in SriRangam temple, and hence was  known as Purohita of Lord Ranganatha, SriRangesa  Purohitah.     Swamy’s  transcendental life was full of divine  incidents and anecdotes, which are cherished by all .


The Sastras proclaim that whenever there is a transit of a planet from one sign to another sign of the zodiac , it is necessary to perform holy bath ( Abhishek ) to the Lordships .  Accordingly all arrangements were being made inside the temple to carry out the grand festival  .


A  vedantin  who had several doubts on  srivaishnava mode of worship  happened to enter the temple to offer respects to the Lordships .

 Inside the temple , Swamy Parasara bhattar was in ecstatic  mood .

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 While  having darshan he noticed the revered Acharyar Swamy Parasara bhattar  was reciting a verse which kept all the devotees spellbound . The verse was new  to his disciples.  They were very eager to learn about the meaning of the divine verse .

The curtains were drawn . The Lordships were being dressed with royal garments amidst divine fragrance. The disciples approached Acharyar  and submitted .


Acharya … The sloka which  was recited was very new to us . Kindly explain us the content for us to recite  .The vedantin also was keen to hear the commentary .

Acharyar replied , My dear children ……..

that was an emotional outpour while  having darshan of our LORD .


Tvamme , ahamme kutastat tadapikutah….

yetachanaadi siddaaanubhava vibhavaat tarhi saakrosha yeva

kvaakrosah kasya gitaadishu mama viditah kotrasaakshi sudheeh syat hanta

tvat pakshapaateesah iti nrukalahe mrigyamadhyastavattam…….


The divine verse interpretation attracted the vedantin closer .He had several doubts  to be cleared and  by the discourse he could  understand the esoteric truths from the legend himself.

Acharyar words were  crystal clear .

Swamy  began …………

My children ..There is always a tussle going on time to time immemorial  between the Jiva and Paramatma . Though the absolute truth is “LORD is independent “ and ” we jivas are beholden in him and dependent” , this jiva is infatuated with material pursuits  which makes him ignore the subtle truth .


Due to sheer ignorance and blinded by the three gunas he oversees the truth . And,  due to  his arrogance,  boasts about  his independence ,  thus suffers succession of sorrows.


The all compassionate Lord feels sad for him ( jiva )  and says Tvamme..


If you recognise this truth …I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU …


The arrogant Jiva replies …

How can I be yours  ? I cannot be yours and I cannot be dependent on you  and……………………….at       NO TIME  ..I can be your servant ..


Lord out of abundant love  smiles and asks  ………. Kutastat ?

How is that ?

and did you arrive at that conclusion ?


The Jiva  due to his unlimited  arrogance replies ..

OK…………………….. Fine ..then ……

 Now how would you answer the same question if it was from me ?

that you are my Lord and I am yours ..???


The Ocean of Mercy LORD  smiles and replies 

...Yes ………..My child …

For my statement  the vedas are the authority ..

pathim visvasyaa…daasa bhootah svaiah sarve…

wp-1490530516901.jpgThe Jiva argues again …

From Time immemorial I lived as an INDEPENDENT PERSON …

and I continue to live and thus quoting vedas written in old  palm leaves manuscripts are no longer valid for me to be convinced ….wp-1489716210236.jpg

Tarhi saakroshayeva …

Once again LORD out of  abundant compassion  replies …….


 My dear child …..

 Why are you advancing  with  false arguments ,  without having   proper knowledge ?

 I have always taken care of you ….  I have always been there ……..and objected independence for your own good … dear ……

kvaa krosah kasya ..

The jiva with no remorse once  again out of pride replies


..(including the court) ..

Gitaadishu mama viditah ..

Lord  smiles at the  ignorant jiva  and …replies patiently ..

My  dear  child ..


 My dear !!!    You know …. The  Atma   that is quality-less and attribute-less  gets combined with  this prakruti,  forming  different senses (both subtle and gross) and  thus gets  different material natures.  And this  combination of atma and qualities arising from prakruti is  you the  jivatma…..


apareyam itas tv anyāṁ prakṛtiṁ viddhi me parām
jīva-bhūtāṁ mahā-bāho yayedaṁ dhāryate jagat  BG – 7.5

mamaivāṁśo jīva-loke jīva-bhūtaḥ sanātanaḥ
manaḥ-ṣaṣṭhānīndriyāṇi prakṛti-sthāni karṣati  BG – 15.7

 My child !!!   all the living entities in this conditioned world are my  eternal fragmentation parts. Due to conditioned life, the  struggle is being  felt . Besides the  (insentient matter),

Oh!   mighty-armed Arjuna, there is another, superior energy of Mine, which comprises the living entities who are exploiting the resources of this material, inferior nature.


 The explanation  does not convince the Jiva ….   Unperturbed  and  with a casual  approach  the jiva demands proof  and objects the statements  of LORD ….

The jiva  seeks  for witness to claim his argument ..

Sudheeh syaat …

Paramatma  once again replies  stating everyone who read Srimad Bhagavad Gita are  his witness

Hasta tvatpakshapaate sah ….


The Jiva replies that It  cannot accept the witness as the so called readers of Srimad Bhagavad Gita ,would  just go around seeking  livelihood by mentioning your name only ?

The argument goes to no end due to the jiva’s arrogance and false illusion …


 The all compassionate LORD  thinks that there can be only one alternative left for him …


Generally in this  material world .. when arguments and counter arguments go on between two persons , one of the person to prove his statements ,  indicates he would wear a wet cloth and stand before a tree and take an oath  stating that he was speaking ONLY truth

Lord thought that  as there was no other  alternative  to convince his children ..takes the ultimate step to be in wet clothes ….


Mrugyamadyasthharat    tvam ….

Acharyars in his deep musings with tears  looking at LORD in wet clothes submits ..

Oh ! Supreme Lord !!  Not able to convince obstinate people  with your explanations  …

My LORD  ..Are you adoring yourself with wet clothes to convince this fallen jiva ….

Mruya madhyastha ……..

and thus Acharyar shares his emotional musings …..which enlighten their opinion ..


The vedantin approaches the Acharyar and humbly submits …. Swamin ..Just give me a gist of the summary ….


Acharyar replies ……

 Swamin ….It is not really essential  for a person to take a dip in the Holy rivers like ganges and visiting piligrim centers .. and…….

  It is enough if one doesn’t doubt the LORD who is the indweller in the heart and functions in a manner of being beholden to him ..

When knowledge of self arises in one , like the rising sun , the arguments which one advances due to ignorance would abrade..


The innumerable references to the interpretations Swamy Parasara Bhattar   to  azhwar’s hymns and his wonderful repartee to his disciple Nanjiyar’s questions are source of immense delight to all devotees ……

Another divine musings about his pangs of separation with LORD is appended in the below mentioned url post …where he mentions …

jai vittal

He was explaining the three stages of love to LORD …

Recollection   ,  Trance    and Rallying … 

Recollection is recollection of all the past ravishments  of soul ..vouchsafed by LORD

Trance or Fainting is consequent on desolation at this recollection not yielding to the present enjoyment

Rallying is the sudden lucidity whilst in this state of trance which is considered as a  extreme advanced state  in devotion which our Azhwar’s possessed..

jai jai

The great  Periyazhwar  in his emotional outpouring  reveals the essence of remembering LORD as his indweller ….

emmanaay! en_kula dheyvamE!* ennudai n^aayahanE!*
ninnuLEnaay peRRa n^anmai* ivvulahinil yaar peRuvaar?*
namman pOlE veezhththamukkum* naattiluLLa paavam ellaam*
summenaathE kaivittOdith* thooRuhaL paayndhanavE. ….

 Oh My Lord , my  ardent Deity, my  saviour ! Who else..Who else … in this world can enjoy the  eternal bliss that I  am enjoying  in you. All the  material miseries of this impermanent  world that  bear me  heavily like the pall of death have been  released  by themselves  in bushes without a whimper!

ananddhan paalum garudan paalum* aidhu n^oydhaaha vaiththu* en-
manandhanuLLE vandhuvaihi* vaazhachcheydhaay embiraan!*
ninaindhu ennuLLE n^inRu n^ekkuk* kaNgaL asumpozhuha*
ninaindhirundhE siramam theerndhEn* nEmi n^ediyavanE……..

 Oh LORD !!  Shifting your love for the Nitya suris  Ananta and Garuda,  My Lord !! you have entered into my  deep heart and  poured  me a new life. My Lord, my heart now  melts and  my eyes shed tears of ecstatic  joy.  Always thinking of you my LORD , I have ended my  miseries. O Lord bearing to discus!

Thadavarai vaay miLirndhu minnum* thavaLa n^eduNGgodi pOl*
sudaroLiyaay n^eNYchinuLLE* thOnRum en jOdhi n^ambi!*
vadathadamum vaikuntamum* madhiL thuvaraa pathiyum*
idavahaikaL ihazhndhittu* enpaal idavahai koNdanaiyE……….

 Oh Lord !!! Like a bright spotless flag fluttering gaily on a hill -top, my effulgent radiating  Lord, you appear as a bright flame flickering steadily  in  cavity of my heart.


Oh ! LORD Leaving the  milky Ocean in the opulent srivaikunta and  the walled city of Dvaraka and many  more such  opulent places of  your abodes , Oh Lord !!  you have chosen to live in me.


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics : Credits  from Google images

Adapted from a discourse from an advanced devotee



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