Whichever devotee desires to faithfully worship a particular form, I fortify his faith in exactly that (form).

A divine pastime happened few hundreds year ago   near the banks of Cauvery river. One sunny day few srivaishnava boys were playing on the banks of Cauvery  river . As they inherited their  parents daily rituals , the boys smartly erected a  small temple and installed an idol out of the Cauvery mud from the banks of the river . Each of them had some little contribution in bringing mud , pebbles , leaves , flowers etc .


As a part of the religious code  as observed at their homes , they adorned themselves with the Urdhvapundra ( Tilak ) and were completely dissolved in devotion assuming it to be the real Periya Perumal Temple .

Few began chanting  (glorification verses)  Thirupallandu pasuram verses innocently but it was divine feeling  for the crowd .

They offered Theertha prasada readily available from the banks of the river.


JagathAcharyar Swamy Ramanuja happened to pass by the banks of the river .

One curious boy noticed the  smiling swamin from a long distance .

He informed the other kids  and all wished to have Acharyas appreciation .  


They rushed towards Acharyar and invited him to their temple . 

Swamy ,

Please come to our  temple, all the boys pleaded in one voice … .


Swamy Ramanuja was overjoyed with the boys dedication. He accompanied  the little boys and proceeded towards their temple  constructed just now  on the banks of the river .

He offered obeisances to the temple and the deities inside and humbly accepted the theertha prasada given by the boys with all reverence .

sri rama

A  disciple who was watching  his Acharyar ,  humbly begged to know what was the reason for Swamy Ramanuja to offer obeisance’s and accept the  theertha prasada  in an inappropriate place and that too  from small kids ?


Swamy Ramanuja   smiled and said , My Child !! .. You must recollect the sloka in  Srimad Bhagavad Gita  where Lord Krishna says

yo yo yaam yaam tanum bhaktaha shraddhayaarchitumicchati |
tasya tasyaachalaam shraddhaam taameva vidadhaamyaham ||

Whichever devotee desires to faithfully worship a particular form,                                                      I  fortify his faith in exactly that (form).  

and as per poigai Azhwar  a verse from the Mudhal Thiruvandhaadee  says

thamar ugandhadhu evvuruvam avvuruvam thane thamar ugandhadhu eppEr maRRappEr – thamar ugandhu evvaNNam sindhiththu imaiyAdhu irupparE avvaNNam AzhiyAnAm


 which means ……

If the devotees wish to   perform service in any form ,  He  joyfully  accepts  that in this world (through archa form) by accepting   whatever form and name that they wish for Him….


Lord accepts whatsoever form the devotees create and offer worship .

He lovingly  accepts   the  name the devotees lovingly call him and  whatever manner in which they offer worship to him .


Swamy Ramanuja had unwavering respect for the Lordships which was intended as a play toy and respect to the children .

Any deity which is created out of sheer devotion is entitled for worship . It is big offence to look down upon them.


The disciple was enlightened with the lesson ..


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Pics credits  : Google images



About Kazhiyur Varadan

Am seeker of true knowledge , aspiring to serve and share the divine pastimes of Lord and HIS devotees . Interested in meeting devotees and love traveling to all holy places . Major interest is to interact with devotees and be of some use to the world in spreading Lord's divine play . This blog is an attempt of knotting a garland of priceless pearls from Sri vaishnava Divya desam . .....Divya leelai .. .......and .Divyaanubhuthee shared by zillions of hari bhaktaas . Though Adiyen is neither competent or qualified in sharing this elixir of spiritual world , out of abundant mercy from asmath Acharyar His Holiness Sri Sri MudaliAnddan swamigal ,adiyen is attempting to reproduce the same which is done purely by the grace of AchAryar and the Lordships by hearing from various advanced devotees . Am like a bee collecting the nectar from sacred flowers and posting the same in this honey comb blog .. There can be few photographs which would have been uploaded from google images to practically have the feel of the holy place and be of some service to the devotees . In case the owner of the pictures /images, videos has any objections for this adiyen shall remove the same . If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use" the same shall be removed ASAP . Anything erroneous in adiyens post is completely my fault/ignorance and anything noteworthy goes to the spiritual masters . Any faults are solely due to my poor understanding and seek pardon for my poor expression . All the divine pastimes shared are from the lectures and the ones shared by several advance devotees .All the compliments and praise belong to the great Spiritual masters for their mercy on adiyen ( your servant ) to share and re share in this blog to remain that bliss always ...... Seeking your blessings in this small service of sharing the divine posts .. Adiyen Ramanuja dasan Jai Sriman Narayana IMPORTANT 1) Spiritual Material posted in this blog are just for information purpose and for spreading awareness. Few divine pastimes which was shared in discourses and the holy place is being re shared which are subject to mistakes or discrepancies with time . So, kindly , don't be offensive and don't post any aggressive or illegitimate comments on the blogs due to the differences in opinions. 2) This blog may contain links to other sites through advertisement, user comments, articles. While Adiyen tries to link only to sites that are safe and secure, Adiyen am not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other sites., since the linked site is not under the control of me, am not responsible for the contents of any linked site or contents of the links mentioned in the links site. Adiyen am providing this link just for informational and academic purposes only. 3) This blog may contain inaccurate, incorrect and clerical errors. Adiyen do not warrant nor assure the accuracy/correctness/completeness of the materials/articles or the reliability of any advice, opinion, comment or other information displayed or distributed through this blog . 4) We are in the service of spreading the divine pastimes of LORD and HIS devotees .Please correct adiyen in any shortcomings .
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5 Responses to Whichever devotee desires to faithfully worship a particular form, I fortify his faith in exactly that (form).

  1. S devanathan says:

    Excellant. Sir…….

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  2. chellappa k says:

    thanks sir god is omnipresent namaskaarams om namo bhagavathe vasudevaya

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  3. shanthisethuraman says:

    Thanks for sharing it. Since the God is in all forms, he would accept the devotee desires, if the devotees devotion is faithful.

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  4. SATYA GOPALAN says:

    Hari Om!
    It’s all in one’s mind! Jagathacharya’s ways followed will never let one to slip or to fall. This is Adiyen’s conviction who can feel His energy in times of Emergency. It’s all subjective Experience & one has to realize within. ” Uyivatharku oru vali Udayavar Tiruvadi!”
    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

    Liked by 1 person

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