The immortal banyan tree at Kurukshetra

 Kurukshetra is 2 hour journey from New Delhi by Train and about 3½  hours by bus. Sridham Vrindavan to Kurukshetra is about 5-6 hour journey by train via Mathura-New Delhi route.  Kurukshetra is the  holy place where the great Mahabharata war took place.  It is believed one who leaves his mortal coils  at Kurukshetra,  attains salvation.  


The area extends for  over 96 kms. In this place Kuru, the founder of Kuru  dynasty , performed  penance .  Pleased with his devotion  Lord blessed him with his desire  that whoever leaves his mortals coils   here in this place shall  get rid of the cycle of births and deaths and  attain moksham .  Lord Krishna selected this place for the grand finale the Mahabharata war.


Kurukshetra is now a major centre of learning with many colleges and world famous Kurukshetra University. The whole yuddha bhoomi is now flooded with educational institutions.


This is the exact spot where Lord Sri Krishna spoke Bhagavad-Gita. There is a Banyan tree in this place under which  Lord Krishna explained Bhagavad-Gita 5000 years back to Arjuna to  his greatest friend and devotee. There is a board placed on the tree in which is written as The immortal banyan tree witness of the celestial song Bhagavad-Gita.This place is named as the Gitopadesh sthal – place where the Bhagavad-Gita was spoken.


 The tree is full of birds and squirrels which adds to the mystic aura of the holy place which  is eternally peaceful despite amidst coming and going of pilgrims throughout the day.The banyan tree under which Lord Krishna gave upadesam to Arjuna is still existing.  We were told by the priest that since that day, the tree has neither grown nor withered.  

It is remaining as it is. He said that they don’t even allow the leaves to fall down and hence the entire tree is covered with net


Surya Kund  is one more historical place near Kurukshetra ,  not to be missed . A dip in Surya kund after an eclipse , especially solar eclipse is considered to be very sacred    This place was prominent even before the grand war.


In Treta yugam,  Lord Sri Rama visited this  holy place . People perform Pithru Kaaryam at this place for its holy legacy .It was said that a dip in this tank after eclipses purified the soul. It was here that the great sage Parshurama had come to atone for killing the evil kings .


Lord Krishna along with His parents , Nanda Maharaja  and Yasodha Devi  used to visit this place to have holy dip in Suryakund after an eclipse.   


   Lord Krishna visited this place before Mahabharata war.   He brought his parents to this holy place to have sacred dip .



During the solar eclipse , a  massive congregation had gathered at the field of Kurukshetra to bathe in the holy kund .


 Lord Krishna was leading the Yadavas. Dhritarashtra of Hastinapur was there with his sons the Kauravas and nephews the Pandavas. So were many other kings. Little did they know that soon they would be engaged in a do or die battle on this very field some years later. 

na1Once during a total solar eclipse  the cowherd community of Vrindavan arrived . This was the time when Lord Krishna   met the gopis .  


An incident that took place when Lord Krishna met Radharani for the last time  is discussed during discourses . A priest described the happenings here which is reproduced .


 When Lord  Krishna’s parents, Vasudev and Devaki learnt of this they wanted to meet Nand Maharaj  and Yashoda. They had never met Krishna’s foster parents and wanted to thank them for taking care of their  darling son during the  formative years. The meeting was a very emotional one.

g8Lord Krishna came face to face with Radharani and  no words were said. No hands stretched to meet each other, no smile played upon lips and no eyes sparkled with delight.


Only a million thoughts flashed through each mind and a deluge of tears flowed from each pair of eyes. They stood staring  at each other till all the thoughts were exhausted and the eyes were dry.

kuruThough Krishna and Radha had been physically separated, they had been inseparable spiritually . Without saying anything they said everything and went their separate ways. They never saw each other again. The Priest was very emotional while describing the glory of the place and this pastime.




Ban Ganga is that place near Jyotishwar where  Arjuna quenched Bhishma’s thirst  –arrow pierced the ground and Ganges emerged

bhagavad gita tree

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Pics Courtesy : Google images uploaded be several devotees


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  1. Rajesh Ramnath says:

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us, I hope to visit there one day.

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    Thank you so much


  4. SATYA GOPALAN says:

    HarI Om!
    Immortal Banyan tree at Kurushetra – very much new information! How much we ought to know before our final eye closure! Health to permit. Varadan, you bring all these too close to us! Great indeed is your service!
    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

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    I need one help sir, I want two Monthly Sheet Calenders & One Diary of 2016 (Tirumala Tirupathi)
    Please guide me where to get easily, if so, please let me know their address & Phone No.
    Ram Ram


  6. shanthisethuraman says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing The immortal Banayan Tree’s significance. By reading this line, I felt as if I got Moksha from this birth (Lord blessed him with his desire that whoever leaves his mortals coils here in this place shall get rid of the cycle of births and deaths and attain moksham . Lord Krishna selected this place for the grand final of Mahabharatha War.) Very interesting to know about unknown spiritual stories.

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  7. Excellant description of the place with photos I lived there

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