When one waxes other wanes ….

This incident took place  in Srirangam .Swamy Nampillai was sick and recovering . 

A srivaishnava came to swamy’s ashram and  said , Oh Acharaya your respectable body has become lean and weak much to our concern  .

hare krishna

Swamy replied While one wanes the other one waxes .

hey kr

This is the universal rule .   It means while knowledge of Lord ,devotion to HIM and detachment to material things increase the body of the person generally leans out owing to his devotion and love to the LORD  as he is always immersed in LORD’s divine attributes .


His heart melts and slowly looses interests in food and looses the taste appetite etc .This results in the welcome weakness of the body , whereas for a worldly man who identifies his body with his soul, eats well and maintains a healthy body  . Thus the physical stature waxes and the soul naturally wanes .


Another disciple came in the evening  knowing about his ill health .He  also enquired about his health for which swamy chucked .. Are we going to wage a war  swamin ??  No !! The required fitness to serve the LORD is plentily available .

There is nothing in wanting  .

Its LORDs wish  as  we are just under his custody ……

A srivaishnava  will always consider disease to the body as a welcome guest  and will strive to serve the LORD even in worst crisis come what way .

The disciples learnt a nice lesson .

True …

A srivaishnava will consider this body as a  stumbling block  for the  enlightenment  of soul .

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


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5 Responses to When one waxes other wanes ….

  1. SATYA GOPALAN says:

    Hari Om!
    When one waxes the other wanes. Andal ‘s words “Velli Elundu Viyalan Urangirru” glitter in the same way. The final goal is to realize this truth that we are Soul & not this body. Alwars ‘ve put their heart & soul in their pasurams all to realize this only – that too in the simplest way as possible as per the wish of Alavandar! Owning a palatial home, luxury car, exposing one’s status to the extent possible – all these results only in rebirth experiencing the karma repeatedly.A rich & able one has to do charity as much as he can. Kuresar has shown us the way. End result will be rich full of BLISS.
    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan -Jai Sriman Narayana!


  2. chellappa k says:

    thank you sir for the enlightenment


  3. shanthisethuraman says:

    Thanks for sharing it. I love to read the line again again “A srivaishnava will always consider disease to the body as a welcome guest and will strive to serve the LORD even in worst crisis come what way .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kazhiyur Varadan says:

    Reblogged this on kazhiyur varadan's web blog and commented:

    A srivaishnava will always consider disease to the body as a welcome guest and will strive to serve the LORD even in worst crisis come what way and considers this body as a stumbling block for the enlightenment of soul .


  5. Hari says:

    This is an eye opener of inner self well presented.

    Liked by 1 person

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