Kidaambi Acchaan submits …… Acharya !! Is this the way to treat a disciple ? Won’t your holiness ask him to get up ? Are these exactions of civilians between teachers and disciples ? Is this a code of submission without any humanity

It was a practice of Swamy Ramanuja as a Yati to visit seven houses daily and collect biksha  for the day’s  offering and  consume it as prasada . This act is enjoined on the divine  principle that the ascetic has nothing to call or ought to own any worldly goods as belongings to him as such owning begets a series of attachments necessarily and weds him again to worldly interests .

Swamy Ramanuja’s main en devour was to establish the   UNITY OF GODHEAD in the world .

bbIt is said once when Swamy Ramanujar was so engaged in the throughfares  of srirangam a few boys form mere frolic waylaid him and pointing to a figure  which by their toes  they drew on the dust.  They  said innocently !

Swamy Look Here is our Perumal .  Swamy Ramanuja was delighted to hear the little boys sermon to him .He immediately  prostrated himself before the figure and blessing the boys proceeded on his way.

 Swamy Ramanuja’s stewardship in the temple necessarily gave rise to bickering on the part of the local priests . They were jealous  of his  large number of disciples and the growing power . The administration of the Srirangam temple was done by sthanikar a local  group .

They decided … Why not eliminate him !!   to continue our  own dictum’s  .


 To one of the seven houses where Swamy Ramanuja used to frequently approach for  biksha  , they  reached and traced a greedy person   . They  gave  him some money  and command  him to  offer  poisoned bikshai   when Ramanuja comes .

The person’s wife being a  religious lady  out rightly   refuses to  carry out the atrocious deed . The husband  somehow forces her to obey  his  order  for their own survival .


The pious lady is confused .   She  devises a plan  to overcome their arrangements . Sincerely praying Lord  , slightly  altering her  general practice  of offering  directly into the  bowl she keeps the biksha   near a  corner  at the entrance . When Swamy  Ramanuja arrives ,  she  with somewhat trembling hands and   tears ,  prostrates at his lotus  feet and moves away . Her mannerisms  was peculiar . Swamy Ramanuja understands  the reason  for her tears  . He moves way politely without  seeking the  bikshai  and fasts  the whole day .


Soon the news  reaches his  Acharyar   Nambi at  Thirukoshtiyur  .  Upset ,the Acharyar  rushes to Srirangam . It was mid afternoon and a hot day .


The banks of cauvery was too hot to walk .  Swamy Ramanuja knowing about Acharyar’s coming  rushes to welcome him at the banks of cauvery  with his disciples at the  dry river bed . Due to the scorching heat the sand was very hot . Swamy Ramanuja  looking at his Acharyar  just falls at his lotus feet like an uprooted tree  unmindful  even in  the burning sand  . The Acharyar does not respond asking him to raise up  The scene is watched by all his disciples


 Suddenly , a  disciple takes courage and  comes  before Acharyar  Nambi . Finding the suspense in supportable and provoked by impatience he raises his voice  and  submits ! Acharya  Is this the way to treat a disciple ?  Won’t your holiness ask him to get up ?    Are these exactions of civilians between teachers and disciples ?  Is this a code of submission  without any humanity  I will not care for this absurd regulations , He swiftly  raises his guru  Swamy Ramanuja and hugs him to  his body to take away the heat from the body which was lying in the burning sand .

The disciple was none other than Kidaambee Acchaan (Pranatharthiharan)


Nambi  feels glad that the  sheer moment of the most painful anxiety and suspense to look for a confidant  had arrived .He   looks at the deep devotion of the disciple to Swamy Ramanuja and replies , My child !!  I was searching for such a person who would look after Ramanuja  with this dedication .

  Looking  now at  KidaambiAcchaan   !  With eyes beaming with approbation , Nambi   declares …  My son !!     Now I appoint you as Swamy Ramanuj’s body gaurd and no one  but yourself shall cook for Swamy Ramanuja and serve him all times .  .Nambi blesses Ramanuja and  advises him not to go for  bikshai  from that day.


Kidaambhi Acchaan, thenceforth was called Madappalli Acchaan and learnt all the esoteric truths  along with the thaligai preparations for Swamy Ramanuja  and his disciples. Kidaambhi Acchaan used to get many of his queries answered due to his close association . Swamy  Ramanuja blesses  KidaambiAcchaan with the rahasya meanings  and  initiates him with Hayagreeva upasana.


Knowing the series  of events , the  shocked sthanikar rushes to  Swamy Ramanuja’s  ashram .He understands  the greatness  of Acharyar and feels ashamed for his cruel act. He  falls  at his feet and asked for pardon. Swamy Ramanuja ,  magnanimous  in his heart  forgives him .

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics credits  : Google images uploaded by devotees



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4 Responses to Kidaambi Acchaan submits …… Acharya !! Is this the way to treat a disciple ? Won’t your holiness ask him to get up ? Are these exactions of civilians between teachers and disciples ? Is this a code of submission without any humanity

  1. Array says:

    Grateful that you have posted these blogs weaved a wonderful source of enlightenment
    To relax the eyes and mind.


  2. SATYA GOPALAN says:

    Hari Om!
    Besides Agni from March, absence of an article from Varadan generates more heat! Now, it’s quenched like the green coconut- ilani soothing the heat.
    Well, got the apt answer here the significance of Unchi varthi & Bikshai. To develop Detachment for worldly objects & get rid of possessiveness – easily said too difficult! Acharya”s hard life teaches us volumes.
    Varada, what is Hyagreeva Upasana? Kindly enlighten Adiyen.
    – Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. K.Sampath Iyengar says:

    EmperumanAr dhivya ThiruvadikalE saranam.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for sharing it. Swamy Ramanuja didn’t need to bother about to look after himself since he had a good guard KidaambiAcchaan. Apart of cooking, KidaambiAcchaan blessed by Swamy Ramanuja by learning Hayagreeva upasana.


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