MUKTHI DWARAKA (PRABHASA THEERTHAM)

                                          (The holy place where LORD KRISHNA  disappeared)


Veraval also  known as Somnath and Prabhas  Theertham is located on the western coast in Gujarat and the  last rail head in this route. This place is important for all Vaishnavites  and saivaites . It is important because it was from this place that  Lord Sri Krishna disappeared and ascended to Srivaikuntam as per the request of the devas.  This holy dhaam  is one  among the ” Nava Dwarakas” .(the junction point where Gomathi river joins the sea.


This event was also a  divine lila enacted by  Lord Krishna.  This  “Prabhasa Kshetram” is also called ” Ban ka Theertham”


Prabhasam means well illuminating or very bright or well exposed. What was exposed? Some of the auspicious qualities of the Lord are brightly exposed here.

In  Srimad Bhagavad Gita , Chapter 4, Arjuna asked the Lord, whether His birth was real ?


The Lord replied that just as Arjuna’s birth was real, His Avatar also was real.

Our bodies are made of Pancha Bhoota [space, air, fire, water and earth].

 Then , Was His body also similar?

The Lord informed  that His body was made of Aprakrytam and not  of Pancha Bhoota. His body was made of Pancha Shakti.


It is neither created nor destroyed. The Three qualities are not in it. Only sattva quality is there. In Srimad Bhagavatam, Sukhacharya tells that at the end of Avatar, Lord  Krishna  proceeded  to  Sri Vaikuntam, with His body as such.


Lord  Krishna after satisfying Himself that He had annihilated most of the demons in human form after Mahabharata war, decided to ascend to His eternal abode, Sri Vaikuntam. Due to His presence, the Yadus (people belonging to His clan) became proud and arrogant.  LORD who wanted to reduce the burden of Mother Earth decided to put an end to the Yadavas too and  masterminded a plan .


As it was Lord’s will, he made Gandhari and the sapta rishis utter the curse of annihilation of Yadavas.

It so happened  once  few children of Lord Krishna  were playing in the sea shore . One boy   Samba (the son of  Lord Sri Krishna and Jambavati)  dressed himself as  a pregnant woman .To make fun of the Rishis , they  went near the holy saints and asked them to foretell as to what kind of a child Samba would  bear.The infuriated rishis cursed that the disguised lady would give an iron pestel which would destroy the entire Yadava race which came true. The shocked Yadus ran to Balarama for a solution. Balarama ordered them to powder it into pieces and throw  the powder  away into  the sea at Dwaarka .


The yadus acted accordingly and returned to their palace assuming all is fine now . A big iron piece which could not be powdered was thrown  far away into the sea which was swallowed by a fish. When this fish was caught and cut open by hunter, Jara, he found a big iron piece which he found very interesting . Overjoyed he  fixed the iron piece  to his arrow with which he  harmed Lord Krishna later unknowingly . Over a period of time, the powder got deposited near the shore of the sea at Prabhasa Theertha and sharp blade type grass grew there.


When the Yadus who were fully intoxicated came to the sea shore  the tamo guna in them made a twist in their behaviour .


By  arguing with each other, they totally lost their mental balance and started hitting each other with the grass and got themselves killed. Balarama , noticing that it was Lord ’s will decided to leave this earthly residence, assumed his original form as Adisesha and walked into the sea and disappeared.


balrama entering patalaloka

The place where he disappeared can be seen even today in Dwaaraka . Over a period of time, this place has turned into mass of land due to reduction in the water level.


Lord Sri Krishna was resting under a banyan tree with right leg placed on left lap. A hunter named Jara (who was Vaali in his previous birth when Krishna incarnated as  Lord Rama) , mistook ( LORD) Perumal’s thiruvadi to be a deer from a long distance  and shot an arrow from a distance of 1 kilometre.


The hunter who came in search of his prey was shocked to see the Lord holy feet bleeding  and begged for forgiveness. The Lord convinced that it was as per His   divine plan and narrated his past birth as Vaali when Perumal hit him from behind and thus fulfilled Vali’s desire for revenge. He bestowed moksham to the hunter.


This shows Lord’s compassion to persons who try to him. In this avatar, he first killed Putana who had come to kill him and gave her moksham and at the end of the incarnation, he blessed Jara by giving him moksham.


  According to the Priests version , it  was  said that Lord Krishna had once predicted that exactly seven days after his disappearance the Golden city of Dwarka will perish under the sea. This was what exactly happened as indeed Dwarka city is drowned in the sea due to some torrential rain. The whole incident was symbolic in nature for it paved ways to the beginning of demolitions and destruction.


Thus was the beginning of Kaliyug. Though we not yet certain of the reasons of his disappearance but few reasons can duly assigned to Lord Krishna’s leaving his spirit for the heavenThe moment  Lord  Krishna was preparing to ascend to Sri vaikuntam, all the  three crore devatas headed by Brahma and PramaShivan  arrived and  were glorifying  LORD   by reciting Purusha Suktam,  LORD disappeared from this  place in the form of jyothi. (When the jyoti reached Suryamandalam, it transformed into a vigraham and descended on  on Tirumala  Hills .


The moment Krishna disappeared, Kali yugam started and to save His devotees from Kali, Lord decided to manifest in Tirumala and save the devotees till the end of Kaliyugam.


Krite Nrisimha Bhoothosou Tretaayaam Raghunandanah /
Dwaapare Vaasudevas Cha kalao Vemkatanaayakah //


“While Narasimha was the Lord of Kritayuga, Rama (Raghunandana) was the Lord of Treta yuga, Krishna (Vaasudeva) of Dwaapara yuga, it is  Lord Venkateshwara


(Venkata naayakah) who is the Lord of Kaliyuga.

” Again, of all the mountains where our Lord has taken his abode, Brahmaanda Puraana says


” Krite Vrishaadrim Vakshyanti Tretaayaam Anjanaachalam / Dwaapare Sesha Saileti kalou Sree Vemkataachalam // 


As we are in KALIYUGA,

we surrender to this KALIYUGA VARADA – Lord Srinivasa.


He proclaimed that the devas as well as humans can have HIS darshan at Tirumala and allotted early morning time for the devas.



 Even to this day, before closing the temple after Ekanta Seva , the priests at Tirumala temple fill the pancha paathirams with water for Brahma’s aaradhanai which is given as theertham after Suprabhatam.

Similar practice is followed in Badrinath at the time of closure of temple for 6 months during winter.


When the Badrinath temple is reopened during April, the lamp which was lit 6 months back still burns and the place would be filled with sweet fragrance of scent.)

Venkatadri Samam Sthanam Brahmande Nasti Kinchana,

Venkatesa Samo Devo Na Bhutho Na Bhavishyati”.


Jai Jai Sree Krishna


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan



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  1. Swamin – one small confusion – in this present article, you had mentioned Mukti Dwaraka is Prabhasa Theertham which is quite far from Main Dwaraka (Dwarakadeeshji’s temple). But in nava dwaraka trip details (another article of yours), you had mentioned that the main Dwaraka is Mukthi Dwaraka – kindly clarify which one is correct?

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    • Kazhiyur Varadan says:

      Swamin ,

      The LORD manifested at Dwaraka also glorified as “Mukti Dwarka” -main temple located in Dwaraka in Gujarat. However as LORD disappeared at Prabhasa Theertha located at Veravel near Somnath , this place also is equally considered as Mukthi Dwaraka


  2. Vasudevan R says:

    Excellent Swamy. Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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  3. Narasimhan pk says:

    Thank you,giving more details of divyadesam

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  4. VijayaNarayanan says:

    Very useful one no.we seek your blessings.and lot more divine details.

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  5. premasundaram says:

    We r blessed to have ur blog in or page of Facebook.seeking ur m.namo narayanya

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