Jagathacharyar Swami Ramanuja was explaining to his disciples about the glory of Tirumala . All of a sudden he remembered his dear disciple Ananthazhwan  and  felt like seeing him  who was at Tirumala and have darshinam of Lord  Venkatateshwara.

Ananthazvan  obediently followed Acharyars instructions  and was successful in laying a garden with all kinds of beautiful and pleasant  fragrant  flowers which  he offered  as soon as it started blooming  to ensure the fragrance remains with LORD  daily .

He also  dug  a small pond for gardening the plants  .Swami Ramanuja was very glad to know  about  his disciple  Ananthazvan dedication in serving the LORDSHIPS .

000099Swamy Ramanuja   proceeded his journey towards  Tirumala with  few  of his disciples from Srirangam  . In those days Tirumalai was very  hard to reach and there was dense forest on the way. The climate was also not suitable as it was too cold on the hill.  Two of his  disciples were staying  near to Tirupathy .

He sent word through two of his disciples to one Yaghyesar who was a rich man to make arrangements for his stay. Yaghyesar was thrilled to hear the news and started making elaborate arrangements, but failed to look after the disciples who  had come all the way  who gave him the message.

 They were  not given proper attention .When  Swamy Ramanuja came to know  about this he felt sad and decided to  avoid going to his  house .Instead he preferred to visit  his other disciple Varadachari. Varadachari  was a poor man and  was living with daily  biksha as per gruhasta ashrama  .

His wife Lakshmi was at home when Swami Ramanuja  along with his disciples went to their  house.  Varadacharis wife was  very happy to  have darisanam of their  Acharayar and  disciples. She  requested them to have food at her house, but told them to take rest at the nearby temple  tank  garden  until she finished cooking.


Sadly  she had no groceries to cook for the guests  and she was in a predicament.  She prayed LORD for HIS mercy .  As time was also moving fast , and her husband did not return  an idea struck her.  In the same village there was a merchant who  used to  show  interest in her and wanted to have relationship with her .

All along Lakshmi being a chaste woman, never yielded to his advances. As a difficult situation arose ,  she thought that she could  submit to  the merchant’s  advances and get money to buy things for  her Acharyar and the bhagavathas. After all it was a wonderful occassion to serve Acharyar who has come directly to their small hut .She prayed Acharyar from her heart and seeked his mercy to help her

. Lord-Venkateswara-Wallpaper

She went to the merchant’s  shop and pleaded  him  to give her groceries for serving their Acharyar and the bhagavathas and was willing to submit to his advances in exchange . The merchant, though surprised to hear this, sent all  the groceries that she wanted. Lakshmi went home and cooked food and after offering it to Lord, she served  Acharyar  and the bhagavathas . 

It was  suprising for  her  husband Varadachari to suddenly see the bhagavathas and  his Acharyar right in their small hut  .  He offered repeated obeisances to Acharyar .He thanked all  of them for being so merciful.He  silently praised his wife for the wonderful satsangh and ThadiAaradhanai she was carrying in no time  .

 Yet , he was confused how Lakshmee could manage the Prasadam to so many bhagavathas  as he knew they had no stock in their home . He took her aside and asked her how she was able to manage .

Lakshmee with tears told him all that had happened and expressed helplessness in taking that decision . Varadachari  was as cool as as a cucumber . He praised her for her  timely decision and submitted to the will of Acharyar .

llkk   He took her hand and went in front of Acharyar and both prostrated to Swami Ramanuja .  With tears rolling both the disciples expressed whatever had happened  .

Swamy Ramanuja was wonderstruck to hear this. He  advised  them to have their  prasad  and take the remaining food to the merchant’s house.Varadachari and Lakshmi went to the merchant’s house together carrying  Swamy Ramanuja’s sreepada tirtham (holy water) and the  prasad that was honoured by Swamy Ramanuja . Varadachari  requested  the merchant  to accept the  prasad and the holy theertham ( Charanamruth) ..


After  honouring the prasadam that was leftovers from the Acharyar , the merchant behaviour  changed . The merchant was overcome by feelings of disgust with himself.

He walked around the couple and prostrated on the ground in front of them, saying —  “you are like my parents —

please forgive my ignorance and stupidity and take me to your guru so that I may take refuge in him”…..


They all went back to their house and Swami Ramanuja’s grace made all three of them to progress further in the spiritual bliss .

vv22 Swamy Ramanuja accepted the merchant as his disciple. The merchant had offered all his wealth to   Swamy Ramanuja and  Swamy  in turn  offered it to  his disciple Varadachari. But ,  Varadachari refused to accept it saying that his guru kataksham was his most cherished wealth.

Thus  Swamy Ramanuja proved that guruvaruL would create miracles!

The merchant  wept with joy saying —

“you are not a human woman but a goddess you have sacrificed everything, you wanted to sacrifice  your honour too .

 He immediately told  Swamy Ramanuja who was overwhelmed by their devotion to him and blessed them again and again. 

All glories to our JagataAcharyar

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Photos and videos  : Courtesy Google and SVBC channel


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  1. SATYA GOPALAN says:

    Hari Om! Adiyen!
    Sri Pada Theertham & Prasad that too from Great Soul Ramanuja does miracle! No riches nor assets can substitute this! It all comes from Belief & subjective experience!
    Varada, my Gratitude to you at Eternity….How many events from Jagathacharya you reveal all unknown to many…but for your Great Spiritual Service will lay hidden!
    Koti Namaskaram to your Goodself! To your Yeomen service.

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