“Neer Veesiner, Naan Pessinen”..Swamy Thirukachi nambhigal vaibhavam

Swamy Thirukachi nambhigal while continuing his fanning service to Lord Sri Varadaraja Perumal his aalavattam (fan) slipped and fell on Lord.


Thirukachi Nambhigal immediately realized that the time for him to leave this materialistic world had come.


Nambhigal requests Perumal to grant him Moksham. Lord Varadaraja Perumal says that granting Moksham to Thirukachi Nambhigal is not possible as he doesn’t yet have “Bhaagavatha Sambhandham”. Thirukachi Nambhigal then replies that he had been under the tutelage of Sri Alavandaar Himslef, to which Lord says that He was the one who had sent Nambhigal to Alavandar and that would not be counted as “Bagavatha Sambandam”. And interestingly Perumal adds “Neer Veesiner, Naan Pessinen”. This incident highlights the regard Perumal has for Bhagavathas and also shows how we should respect our fellow Bhagavathas.


Thirukachi Nambhigal now decides to “earn” some Bhaagavatha Abhimaanam. He takes leave from Lord Varadaraja and then proceeds to the home of the great Acharya Thirukostiyur Nambhi. He was well aware that Thirukostiyur Nambhi (Swami Ramanuja’s acharya) would not accept as a domestic help someone whom Lord Varadaraja himself had conversed with. So Thirukachi Nambhigal under the guise of a common peasant introduces himself as Gajendra Dasan (his Birth name) and requests for some work from Thirukostiyur Nambhigal. Unaware that it was Thirukachi Nambhigal himself seeking work, Thirukostiyur Nambhigal asks him to take care of his cows and bullock cart.

jai-srikrishnaThirukachi Nambhigal too is relieved and happy that he has had an opportunity to serve a great acharya. One rainy day Thirukostiyur Nambhigal finds his cows missing and asks his  shishyas to find the cows. But the shishyas are reluctant to go in the heavy rains & winds. So Thirukostiyur Nambhi decides to look for the cows by himslef and calls for Thirukachi Nambhigal for help. Thirukachi Nambhigal instantly replies “Adiyen” and Thirukostiyur Nambhi looks in the direction of the voice.


To his wonder, Thirukachi Nambhigal had bought the cows home and also covered them with his own cloths too. Nambhi is instantly pleased at Thirukachi nambhigal’s devotion and then instantly calls his wife and says “Give food to our man”. Since Nambhi had called him as Nam Mattukaran, which signifies a relationship and hence Bhagavatha Sambandham. The next day Nambhi changes to his original attire as when fanning The Lord Varadaraja Perumal and reveals his identity and narrates the sequence of incidents that led him to coming as Gajandra dasan to Thirukostiyur Nambhigal.


Finally, after being blessed with Baagavatha Sambandham, Nambhigal returns to Lord Varadaraja Perumal’s sanctum sancatorium. Like an eager mother expecting her child back, Lord Varadaraja with open arms welcomes Nambhigal right at the steps and praises Thirukachi Nambhigal’s steadfast devotion and affection. At this moment Thirukachi Nambhigal sings the mesmerising “Devaraja Ashtakam”, glorifying the Lord’s boundless love for His Bakthas and the pains of this materialistic world!


And then, Nambhigal attains moksham to serve Sriman Narayana in Sri Vaikuntam permanently .

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Photographs : Courtesy  .. Google


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Am seeker of true knowledge , aspiring to serve and share the divine pastimes of Lord and HIS devotees . Interested in meeting devotees and love traveling to all holy places . Major interest is to interact with devotees and be of some use to the world in spreading Lord's divine play . This blog is an attempt of knotting a garland of priceless pearls from Sri vaishnava Divya desam . .....Divya leelai .. .......and .Divyaanubhuthee shared by zillions of hari bhaktaas . Though Adiyen is neither competent or qualified in sharing this elixir of spiritual world , out of abundant mercy from asmath Acharyar His Holiness Sri Sri MudaliAnddan swamigal ,adiyen is attempting to reproduce the same which is done purely by the grace of AchAryar and the Lordships by hearing from various advanced devotees . Am like a bee collecting the nectar from sacred flowers and posting the same in this honey comb blog .. There can be few photographs which would have been uploaded from google images to practically have the feel of the holy place and be of some service to the devotees . In case the owner of the pictures /images, videos has any objections for this adiyen shall remove the same . If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use" the same shall be removed ASAP . Anything erroneous in adiyens post is completely my fault/ignorance and anything noteworthy goes to the spiritual masters . Any faults are solely due to my poor understanding and seek pardon for my poor expression . All the divine pastimes shared are from the lectures and the ones shared by several advance devotees .All the compliments and praise belong to the great Spiritual masters for their mercy on adiyen ( your servant ) to share and re share in this blog to remain that bliss always ...... Seeking your blessings in this small service of sharing the divine posts .. Adiyen Ramanuja dasan Jai Sriman Narayana IMPORTANT 1) Spiritual Material posted in this blog are just for information purpose and for spreading awareness. Few divine pastimes which was shared in discourses and the holy place is being re shared which are subject to mistakes or discrepancies with time . So, kindly , don't be offensive and don't post any aggressive or illegitimate comments on the blogs due to the differences in opinions. 2) This blog may contain links to other sites through advertisement, user comments, articles. While Adiyen tries to link only to sites that are safe and secure, Adiyen am not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other sites., since the linked site is not under the control of me, am not responsible for the contents of any linked site or contents of the links mentioned in the links site. Adiyen am providing this link just for informational and academic purposes only. 3) This blog may contain inaccurate, incorrect and clerical errors. Adiyen do not warrant nor assure the accuracy/correctness/completeness of the materials/articles or the reliability of any advice, opinion, comment or other information displayed or distributed through this blog . 4) We are in the service of spreading the divine pastimes of LORD and HIS devotees .Please correct adiyen in any shortcomings .
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One Response to “Neer Veesiner, Naan Pessinen”..Swamy Thirukachi nambhigal vaibhavam

  1. sarathyt says:

    Dear swamy,
    There are quite a few contradictions in this narration. This incident is not highlighted in any specific vyAkyAnams (which are usually the most authentic).
    Not only thirukkachi nambi was a devout sishya of ALavandhAr, he also was a sabramachAri (co-student) of periya nambi, thirukkOshtiyUr nambi, etc. So, its not that he suddenly became a devotee. Be it thirukkOshtiyUr nambi or periya nambi (there are different versions of this story) – both are well-known to thirukkachi nambi as indicated before. so, its strange to think that he can serve there for any amount of time without them knowing who he is.

    Moreover, emperumAnAr himself aspired for the remnants of thirukkachi nambi – it will be immature to think that some one like emperumAnAr would seek out the remnants of a person who is not even guaranteed to be liberated (the narration begins that nambi decides to leave his body).

    As indicated before, our objective is not to share stories that give a nice message. I am sure many can come up many different stories. But our pUrvAchAryas always shared real life incidents which themselves are glorious enough and there are already many many such authentic incidents. We have to be very cautious before propagating whatever we heard – we should be doubly sure to verify the authenticity of such incidents based on some authentic pramANams – no matter where we hear them from.

    kshamikka for the suggestion – but that is the fact.
    adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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