Our great vaihnava saint Lokacharyar Sri Pillai Lokachariar, about 118 years old then, saved our dharisanam by getting Namperumal safely out of Srirangam . This sad episode was because of Malik Kafur the tyrant who ransacked Srirangam during the year 1323. Lokacharyar along with many disciples went through the rough terrains, forests, and so on, carrying our LORD .


When they reached Jyothiskudi, near Madurai ,Sri Pillai Lokachariar realized that he cannot carry on any more, so he decided to stay in  Jyothishkudi itself.



He directed his sishyas to reach out to one Thiruvoimozhi Pillai, and explain him various rahasyams of srivaishnavam.


From Jyothishkudi, Swami Pillai Lokachariar reached sri vaikuntam.Without his noble sacrifice of life, we probably would not be having darshanam of Namperumal in Srirangam (peruman came back to Srirangam after more than 40 years.)


This great acharyar’s thirunakshathiram ( Appearance day ) is celebrated  during    October ( Aippasi Thiruvonam,) very grandly in all the SRI VAISHNAVA DIVYA DESAMS 


Sri Vaishnavam is replete with practical applications of the glorious precept of equality for all sentient-beings.
• Lord  Sri Rama performing funeral rites for Jatayu
•  Lord Sri Krishna preferring to dine with Sri Vidura even though he
had the option of dining with exalted elders such as Drona or Bheeshma.
• The episode of ThiruppAN azhvar and LOkasAranga Muni
• Our Sri Nammazhvar who belonged to the panchama jathi (fifth caste)
• Sri Periya Nambi and his attachment to Sri MaranEri Nambi
• Swami Ramanuja and his deep devotion to Sri Thirukachchi Nambi

However, it  was  Swami Pillai Lokacharyar  who went to considerable lengths to explicitly
expand on this concept and establish its relevance within the Indian social and philosophical framework about the glorious sampradaya of Srivaishnavisim .


Swamy Sri Manavala Mamunigal in his celebrated UpadEsarattinamalai, commemorates the lives and works of Azhvars and Acharyas. In this wondrous composition, he has singled out LOKACHARYAR more than any one else and devoted several pasurams.

Lokaacharyan was rightly glorified as ulagAriyan – ( teacher of the universe).



Sri Lokacharyars vaibhavam, his contribution to  SriVaishnavism and efforts taken by Sri Velukudi Swamin, Chinna Jeeyar swami and other revered saints  in identifying this place and constructing a temple for lokaguru  is a blessing to all the srivaishnavas .


While Swamy was about to leave this world and reach Achaaryan’s Lotus feet, he started touching the ants and other such insects near him with compassion (All such animals will get to reach Sri Vaikunta if they have get touched by a Sri Vaishnava). Such was Sri Pillai Lokacharya’s Karunya towards the living beings.


Lokaachaarya gurave krSHNapaadhasya soonave |
samsaarabhogi sandhaSHta jeeva jeevathave namaha ||

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan



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Am seeker of true knowledge , aspiring to serve and share the divine pastimes of Lord and HIS devotees . Interested in meeting devotees and love traveling to all holy places . Major interest is to interact with devotees and be of some use to the world in spreading Lord's divine play . This blog is an attempt of knotting a garland of priceless pearls from Sri vaishnava Divya desam . .....Divya leelai .. .......and .Divyaanubhuthee shared by zillions of hari bhaktaas . Though Adiyen is neither competent or qualified in sharing this elixir of spiritual world , out of abundant mercy from asmath Acharyar His Holiness Sri Sri MudaliAnddan swamigal ,adiyen is attempting to reproduce the same which is done purely by the grace of AchAryar and the Lordships by hearing from various advanced devotees . Am like a bee collecting the nectar from sacred flowers and posting the same in this honey comb blog .. There can be few photographs which would have been uploaded from google images to practically have the feel of the holy place and be of some service to the devotees . In case the owner of the pictures /images, videos has any objections for this adiyen shall remove the same . If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use" the same shall be removed ASAP . Anything erroneous in adiyens post is completely my fault/ignorance and anything noteworthy goes to the spiritual masters . Any faults are solely due to my poor understanding and seek pardon for my poor expression . All the divine pastimes shared are from the lectures and the ones shared by several advance devotees .All the compliments and praise belong to the great Spiritual masters for their mercy on adiyen ( your servant ) to share and re share in this blog to remain that bliss always ...... Seeking your blessings in this small service of sharing the divine posts .. Adiyen Ramanuja dasan Jai Sriman Narayana IMPORTANT 1) Spiritual Material posted in this blog are just for information purpose and for spreading awareness. Few divine pastimes which was shared in discourses and the holy place is being re shared which are subject to mistakes or discrepancies with time . So, kindly , don't be offensive and don't post any aggressive or illegitimate comments on the blogs due to the differences in opinions. 2) This blog may contain links to other sites through advertisement, user comments, articles. While Adiyen tries to link only to sites that are safe and secure, Adiyen am not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other sites., since the linked site is not under the control of me, am not responsible for the contents of any linked site or contents of the links mentioned in the links site. Adiyen am providing this link just for informational and academic purposes only. 3) This blog may contain inaccurate, incorrect and clerical errors. Adiyen do not warrant nor assure the accuracy/correctness/completeness of the materials/articles or the reliability of any advice, opinion, comment or other information displayed or distributed through this blog . 4) We are in the service of spreading the divine pastimes of LORD and HIS devotees .Please correct adiyen in any shortcomings .
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    Most Respected Vardan Prabhujee, Unexplored facts and knowledge are being revealed to us through your vivid documentary presentations and very well supported by photographs, through your regular valuable posts. Keep going Vardan Prabhujee.


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