The Himalayan mountains are divided into various mountain ranges, Garhwal Himalayas, Central Himalayas, Annapurna ranges and so on. They stretch from Jammu up to Nepal. The Himalayas are the abode of Gods and innumerable saints contemplate on the Lord at this place.

“PRAYAG” means confluence of  rivers.  Panch Prayag means “Five Confluences” referring to the five confluences of  the holy river Alaknanda with Dhauli Ganga, Nandakini, Pindar, Mandakini and Bhagirathi . The rivers join  at Vishnu Prayag, NandaPrayag, KarnaPrayag, RudraPrayag and Devprayag respectively.



From Rishikesh,  Devprayag is the first  destination  among  Panch Prayags.  Devprayag is 73 kms uphill and will take 3 hours by car. Devprayag is the most important of all prayags  where rivers Bhagirathi, Alaknanda & the mythological river Saraswati (flowing underground) meet to form Ganga.  The Alaknanda flows from the left, and is an eye-catching shade of light blue whereas the Bhagirathi light shade of green. However, in the changing weather, the colours seem to alternate. The Alaknanda has its origins in Alkalananda glaciers at Alkapuri,  beyond bhadrinath ,where  the demigod Kuber settled. Alaknanda is  calm and flows gently, whereas Bhagirathi river flows with much vigor .


When the two merge and flow as one, the colour of Gangaji turns into a beautiful emerald. From here one road goes by the side of river Bhagirathi to Yomunotri ( via Tehri ) and other road along the side of river Alaknanda goes to Kirtinagarg, Srinagar and Kedarnath.

 There is a small suspended bridge that  connects the prayag to the river bank where the highway (more like a lane) is situated. We have  to walk a few hundred meters down the hill, in a narrow lane, to reach the prayag .


Proceeding further we climb  106 steps and  enter   Lord Sri Raghunathji temple.

This Srivaishnava divya desam is glorified by Azhwars  



There are 4  Sri Vaishnava divya desams in the Himalayas itself.   “Kandam ennum Kadinagar” popularly known as Dev Prayag is one among them. Periya Azhwar has glorified the LORDSHIPS here with   divya prabhanda pasurams . Azhwar recollects the pastimes enacted by the Supreme Lord as Trivikraman, Raman, Krishnan in his pasurams. Azhwar elaborates how the Lord who is “Purushottaman” (the best among purushas) approached Bali for 3 measures of land and grew gigantically in size to measure the Universe.  While doing so, when the Lord’s lotus feet reached Satyalokam, Brahma washed the feet with water from his kamandalam which became the Ganges.  ParamaShivan the foremost Vaishnavite adorned  this water on his head and released the flow of water in different directions.  Referring to  Lord Sri Rama avatar, Azhwar says that the Lord who  disfigured  sister’s nose and brother’s head (referring to Soorpanaka and Ravana) resides here.  Referring to  Lord Krishnavatar, he cites how child Krishna killed Kuvalayapeetam, wrestlers and finally killed Kamsa now resides at this place.  The Lord who holds various weapons like conch, sudarshna chakram, gada, saarngam-the bow, kadgam-the sword to reassure the devotees of HIS protection doesn’t have any work with these weapons  as because of holy bath in Ganges, the sinners get cleansed of their innumerable sins.  So these weapons are like ornaments to the Lord.  Peria Azhwar  declares that the one who recites these pasurams will be absolved of all sins by the “Sreepaadha theertham of Lord Vishnu” which is known as Ganges and will be blessed to render service to the Lotus feet of the Supreme Lord , Vishnu on the banks of Ganges at this divya kshetram. The context says when Azhwar was glorifying the Lordships here the kali purusha quietly moved away ….


The Moolavar ( main deity ) is worshipped as Neelamega Perumal , Purushothaman,   .The  locals worship the Lord as Sri Raghunathjee  and the goddess vimala, pundarikavalli thayar .The holy theertham is ganges herself .It is believed that to atone the brahmahathi dosha committed in killing the demon Ravana , Lord Rama came to this place for doing penance .The place where Lord Rama did penance is in the temple premises and is  worshipped as “RAM GADDI”(the place where  Lord Rama meditated).On special festivals such as Vijayadasami, Basant Panchami, Sriramanavami  the utsavar  deity  arrives at this holy spot and give darshan to the devotees assembled . This temple is surrounded by hills on three sides. The hill in front is known as Dasaratanchal, right side is known as Narasimachal, the temple itself is located on Giridhachal.


There is a banyan tree near the temple  which is supposed to be immortal  . The Priest clarified that the Trinities-Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside in this tree and hence it is considered to be very  sacred. It is also believed that during Pralayam which Lord takes out of his own will , he will rests on this banyan leaf  as sung by Thiruppan Azhwar



 The Priest further informed that  Anna dhanam is of great significance in this temple .


The  Main deity (Moolavar) gives darshan  is in Nindra Thirukkolam ( Standing pose )  with chathurbhujam . He is the Perumal described by Periazwar in his pasurams but locally He is worshiped  as “Raghunathji”. He is seen holding Panchaayudhams and his height is more than 6 and a half feet. A bow and arrow which doesn’t form part of the Moolavar is kept near the Lord. To His right, Thayar who is addressed as Goddess Sita graces the devotees.  Everyday  Abhishekam (Thirumanjanam)  with sacred Ganges and milk is performed to the Lord at 6 AM  in the morning .Lord is adorned with new clothes every day and in a specific colour .Interestingly the priests also wear the same colour dress adorned by Lordships.

















Detailed Travelogue to Saptha Bhadri is appended in the below mentioned post

video credits : sri dhanya

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan



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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam.. . Jai Jai Prahalada Varadaa

 This incident took place 30 years ago  . The  Annual Brahmotsavam for Lord Varadaraja was  being celebrated with piety and fanfare at the temple town of Kancheepuram. . The big day  “Garuda Sevai”  is conducted in Kancheepuram in the Tamil month of Vaikasi is of special significance.The Lord of  Lords  was showering his abundant mercy on all the devotees assembled . A staunch devotee of Ahobila Jeeyar was fortunate to undertake the divine service to hold and carry the Royal umbrella that overspreads on the Lordships as the procession proceeds in the streets of  Kancheepuram.


The festive mood is a fortune to watch . The procession was lead by the Temple Elephant ,  a cow , a  horse and the fire crackers specialists . Few   thousand thronged to witness the Lordships in escastcy . The drummers and pipers  followed behind them. Adhyapakas reciting Divyaprabhandam chants proceeded .Then followed the fortunate bearers of Lordships on their shoulders. The dandikas which they carried joyfully walking amidst cries of Govindaa ..Govindaa ..Varadaa .

Govindaa ..Govindaa ..Varadaa .

Govindaa ..Govindaa ..Varadaa .

was reverberating all around pulling all the starving souls nearer …


Behind them were the pundits  chanting vedic hymns  .On the Pandal the Archakas stood close to the Lordships and behind the gaily decorated deity on the dandika stood the disciple who was  a bit old , solemnly holding the stem of the pole carrying the spotless canopy that spread shade and splendor over the magnificent Lord who was pouring abundant mercy on the devotees who were thronging multitude.


The bearers of the divine Lordships out of devotion ran , sometimes walked , triumphantly displaying the weighty  divine encumbrance on their shoulders .The Priests had to balance themselves and  handle the stage with caution perched  in precautionary standing .As they proceeded after a brief halt in front of  a devotees house  the  disciple devotee noticed an electric wire in front of him that was posing as an obstruction to the  royal umbrella he was holding  .Before he could raise any alarm the dandikas ran fast as a result the electric wire pushed the Umbrella . The umbrella is a very heavy structure and before he could really manage he along with the umbrella were about to tumble down .


Helpless though he was ..his sincere devotion to Acharya made him think to recite the holy hymn Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam Strotram  so that Prahalada Varadar would give him HIS helping hand . As he did not have that much time ,  confused  he decided to utter the holy name ..Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam and thus completely surrendered to the Lord


This train of thoughts occurred in split of seconds before he could hit the ground and miraculously he landed gently as if by a parachute his firm grip on the pole in tact .


Tears of joy rolled in his eyes .He stood awe in shock as nothing happened as he imagined . The Umbrella was intact and Lord was  gracefully  smiling at him .


His instant prayer recitation of one line gave him instant succor …

Jaya Jaya Prahalada varada 

Jay Jay Lakshmi Narasimha

 Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Pics courtesy : /Google images

videos : hindutara

Adapted from Narasimha Priya Magazine




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After  the Lordships Sita Rama  wedding at Janakpur in Nepal , the royal family along with their guests were returning to Ayodhya . It was getting dark .The Royal family decided to retire for the night at this  very holy place  Punouda  which is located  near Sitamarhi in the state of bihar

Birth of Sita from yajna bhoomi, Sitamarhi

The place where  Lokamatha Sita devi’s palanquin (“doli”) alighted under a banyan tree is marked by a hound covered with red cloth. Beside this  banyan tree the deities of   Lordships Sita-Ramar is  worshipped by the  local people  .


A stone inscription mentioning  Lord  Rama’s encounter  with   Parasurama and the divine incident  of   Lord Rama taking over the Vishnu dhanush is mentioned in the marble slab  . It was revealed that the  banyan tree is  very sacred.  The locals believe  all disputes of any kind  are solved at this place . A Elderly person commented , No one lies here !!  If someone dares to tell lie, he would be punished immediately.


Another strange aspect of this holy tree is that the roots of the banyan tree get coiled to the main trunk itself and they do not touch the  earth at all .


Exactly one month after Sri Rama navami festival , Seetha Navami is celebrated all over the world .And  throughout Janakpur and Sitamarhi, this festival is celebrated for 10 days culminating in Sita Navami to be celebrated on May 16th this year 2016. (in the Tamil month of Vaigasi (May-June). Everyone in this  entire belt ,  feels delighted  to be associated with Sita Devi who is eternally remembered for her “PATIVRATA DHARMAM”.( As Ayodhyavasis associate with Lord Rama the Sitamarhivasis associate with mother sita)

jaya jaya jaya

Sita an embodiment of purity and wifely devotion and the consort of Lord Ram.  Sita Navami is observed on the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Vaishaka month (April – May). Sita Navami in Vaishaka month is more famous with Hindu communities in western and eastern parts of India.


The locals  glorify  Sita and Rama and go to the extent of declaring that Sri Rama gained so much recognition because of HIS association with  our mother SITA DEVI .

  Every evening, Sri Ram charitra Manas is recited under this tree .A dance ballad also accompanies the troupe  Nearby  this tree , there is a small tank known as “Sita Kund” . Near this kund under a tree, small utsava murthis of Sita ,Ramar, Lakshmana and Hanuman along with a doli(wooden palanquin) is  worshipped .

Bharat Kund,Nandigram

The priest informed that these deities belonged to Sitamarhi temple and it is customary for them to take the deities in procession to Janakpur and while returning from Janakpur, to halt at all the  holy places  sanctified by Mother Sita Devi.

The priest was  was quoting verses from the holy text written by the great saint  Tulsidas. He also referred to slokas from Valmiki Ramayanam.  He said that in that village, there was  neither a police station or  panchayat since ages . Any dispute would be solved under this tree . The offender would fear to commit any offense due to the  outcome which  he would  face internally .  A net is  tied around the tree to ensure that dried leaves do not fall on the ground and protect the  sanctity of the  place.


The priest informed that many devotees do “ Mithila Parikrama” starting from Sitamarhi , reach Janakpur and  on their return visit Panth Pakar, Punouda and other places which are on the way to Sitamarhi and end their parikrama on Sita Navami at Sitamarhi.…..

Jai Jai Sita Ram

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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In Srimad Bhagavatha Mahapurana as part of a discussion between King Nimi and sage Karabhajana  the advent of the  Srivaishnava Azhwars appearance in the Kali age is revealed .




 ” In the Kali age men devoted to Lord Sriman Narayana will be born in large numbers near  the Dravida territory where in the rivers Tamaraparni, Vaigai ,  Paalaar  the most sacred Kaaveri   flows .”


 True to the epic , both Swamy  Namaazhwar and Madhurakavi Azhwar  appeared on the banks of Tambaraparni river . It is said that just after 40 years of the disappearance of Lord Krishna , Nammazhwar appeared .  Periyazhwar and Sri Andal  appeared in a place close to river Vaigai , the Mudal Azhwars and Thirumazhisai Azhwar appeared  near Paalaar and Thodaradippodi Azhwar, Thiruppaanaazhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar  appeared near river Kaaveri.

Thiruvallikeni 12418962_1039908092698424_7079268658380822918_o

The most holy place Thirukurugur  “Alwar Tirunagari”  is about 30kms east of Tirunelveli on the Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur highway off the Southern banks of Tamaraparani   .

Check this post for more details  :


Thirukurugur  Vaishnava  divyadesam  is located  on the banks of the river Tamaraparani  and is one of the 108 divya desams in Pandiya Nadu. This was later known as Alwar thirunagari after  the great Nammazhwar’s  appearance .


 Legends reveal there  lived a pious devotee  Kaariyaar    an advanced bhaktha who was  serving  the  devotees from his agriculture earnings . Udaiya Nankaiyar from Thiruvanparisaram was  his wife  who was equally pious and served the devotees with all dedication . They had no progeny  for a long time .


Their prayers were answered by the mercy of Lord   of  Thirukurungudi  . Udaiya Nankai  gave birth to a male child on Vaikasi  month  in Visakam star( who is considered to be the incarnation of  Senai Mudaliyar the commander in chief of Lord Sriman Narayana) . His parents named him Maran  (  being different from others ) and he also had other names Parankusa and  Satakopan .

The boy was not an ordinary kid  nor did he have an ordinary life . He displayed none of the usual characteristics of a baby, neither would he cry nor attempt to drink milk. Looking at the strange behaviour of the divine child, the parents went to the temple for divine interference.


 All of a sudden the child crawled and went under a tamarind tree inside the temple  where he remained almost for sixteen years in yogic trance under the trunk . The divine incident became the talk of the town. After many years one day a elder Vaishnava who was on a pilgrimage to Ayodhya observed a  shining light emanating from a far off place .He followed the light and reached Thurukurugoor. As he enquired around the place , he was directed into the temple . He was surprised  looking at the divine aura  being emitted from the young boy  and attempted to go near him .

More details of  Madhurakavi Azhwar can be read in this appended  linked post


 He approached  the divine boy  who  was meditating deeply with his legs crossed and hands in chin mudrai pose. Madhurakavi thought that the boy could be deaf and dumb.  To draw his attention ,he took a small stone and threw it in the lotus pond nearby. Lo presto ! the boy opened his eyes  and Madhurakavi could see the divinity  in his eyes with golden hue.

Madhurakavi wanted to test the boy further  whether he could reply.

Thus  he asked a question

 “Seththathin vayitril siru kutti pirandhaal etrai thindru enge kidakum?

A divine voice was heard with a smile

“Atrai thindru ange kidakum”.

The answer to his question made the madhurakavi ponder about the divine presence of the boy and the esoteric reply.


The peripheral meaning of the question…

“If a small one  is born into a dead thing, what will it do ? and where will it be”?

The reply was “It will eat that and stay there”.

Nothing could be understood if not for our great achaaryas who had provided us with the inner meaning of this important quote


 The inner meaning of the question:

“Seththadhu” – body,

“siru kutti” – soul.

“vayiru” – stomach.


 The inner meaning mentions that  when a soul enters a body, the body gets life and the soul forgets its true nature  , thus  thinks that the body is everything  The soul  enjoys and suffers everything through the body.

 It eats and lives on whatever the body earns as  sin and virtues . Once the body is dead, the soul departs. Till the time the soul is present, it has to suffer and enjoy all the feelings of the body.


But once the soul realizes its true nature that it is the servant of  Lord Sriman Narayanan and  surrenders , the soul gets liberated from the cycle of births and deaths.

Swami Madhurakavi azhwar was amazed by azhwar’s knowledge and fell at his feet and pleaded him to accept him as his disciple. Azhwar  agreed and asked him to help him in composing his  divine works.  Thus came out the  fountain  of divine out pouring of Lord’s kalyanagunas . Madurakavi Azwar wrote  all of them in Palm leaves which were called ‘ pattolai. The divine out pourings were

  1. Thiruviruttam (100 verses)

  2. Thiruvasiriyam (7 verses)

  3. Periya ThiruvandhAdhi (87 verses)

  4. Thiruvamozhi  (1102 verses )


A  grand festival is celebrated for ten days marking the appearance day of Azhwar at this  holy  place every year ending  with a holy bath ( Abhishekam ) and ‘Theertha vari’ on Vaikasi Visakam day. The Vaikasi Visakam celebrations are being  held  past 500 years or more .

 The temple at Thirukkurugoor was under the direct administration of  our revered Acharyar Swamy Manavala Mamunigal.


Adiyen is recollecting the wonderful  darshan  we had few years back at Azhwar Thirunagari


The most important day for Srivaishnavas is  Swami Nammazhwars Thirunakshatram     ( Apperance day ) which happens to be on Saturday 21 ,2016  this year .

Nava Tirupathi is a cluster  of Nine  temples of Lord Sriman Narayana. Nava Tirupathi is part of the 108 Divya Desam temples .Located around the banks of the River Thamarap arani, the 9 temples of Nava Tirupathi are Thiruvaikundam, Thiruvaragunamangai, Thirupulinkudi, North & South temples of Thirutholaivillimangalam, Thirukkulanthai, Thiruperai, Thirukolur and Thirugurukoor.



 This otherwise  a calm village is  overcrowded with devotees for the 10 day grand festival. Almost all the  chathirams, Ramanujar koodams and houses were  packed with devotees who  come to witness the Nava garuda sevai from long distances .

Azhvaar being brought

 A  big mandapam in front of the main  temple known as ‘PANDAL MANDAPAM” is decorated for the grand festival to happen .  This pandal  was built by  an ardent  devotee Sri Pandala Ramaswamy Nayaakar  during 1807 .He  took initiative in  starting this wonderful  Nava garuda Sevai utsavam and made arrangements for  the mandapam and other paraphernalia . In honour of his devotional service the mandapam  is named Pandal Mandapam.


  All the Perumals  ( Lordships ) of the Nava Tirupatis come to

Thirunagari to grace our  most beloved Nammazhwar .

Swamy Nammazhwar   had darshanam of all the 108 Divya

desam perumal staying in Azhwar Thirunagari itself .


In the pandal “ Abhishekam for Azhwar  is done with due honours by the recitation of vedic hymns being watched by a large groups of devotees .


 Meanwhile ,there was an alert by the bhagavathas that the Nava Tirupathigal Perumal have already started from their temples “ Thirukolams “and after crossing the beautiful Tambaraparani River are arriving at Pandal Mandapam.


 We rejoiced to see Perumals coming from different directions with a troupe of Nadaswaram goshti and the recitation of pasurams by Elders.

154167615.SGeUb1Ek Thiruneermalai

All  Perumal started arriving to Pandal Mandapam. Every Divyadesam  Perumal  arrive  in a well decorated palanquin with full  temple honours.


Here Azhwar receives the Perumal and does Pradakshinam to Perumal thrice. Azhwar is then blessed with satari, peedambaram and prasadam which were offered to the Perumal.


 After this, managala haarathi  is  given to Perumal and Azhwar and Perumal enter  the main temple. This procedure is  followed for all the Perumals. This function takes place for about 2 to 3 hours.


 All the Perumals alight  inside a huge  mandapam inside the temple. Parallel arrangements like decorating Peria Thiruvadi ( Garudazhwan ) for the evening function is done for the Garuda sevai.

The  villagers share a wonderful hospitality inquiring about the details of stay, food etc of all the visitors . Most of the Thirumalagais are eager to serve the devotees with Prasadam.


The same evening around 5 P.M., Thirumanjanam ( Abhishekam ) would start for all the Perumals. Several groups of devotees coming from far off places assemble and chant azhwar pasurams with music. At 5 P.M  the Vedic Pundits carrying silver kudams filled with holy water arrive  . The water for Neeratam is brought from the river Thamparaparani with full honours (an umbrella, Nadaswaram)

The holy abhishekam “ Thirumanjanam”  for all the Perumals are performed at the same time.  Thirumanjanam  is performed for all the Perumals inside the mandapam.   It takes about 2 to 3 hours for the alankaranam to get completed.


Around 8 P.M. the much awaited garuda sevai starts

In the Nava Garuda Sevai,  the  lordships ( Perumals )  are seated on Garuda vaahanam.  Azhwar is seated on a Hamsa vaahanam and his dearest devotee, Madurakavi Azhwar is seated on Pirangi Naarkaali (a chair)


Azhwar waits just outside the Maha dwaaram of the temple to receive the Perumals from all the Nine Divya desams . The temple doors are closed and Azhwar along with his favourite devotee Madurakavi Alwar wait for the Garudaseva Utsavam to happen.The Mahadwaram doors are opened amidst the mangala Nadaswarams .


Azhwar is the first to have darsanam of Perumal. Perumal is given Mangala karpoora aarthi and  managalasaasanam done to the particular Perumal by the Azhwar . The recitation of the Mangalaasanams with the divyadesam pasurams by Elders drives one to spiritual ecstasy. Similar to  Srirangam, Araiyar sevai is followed  tradition here


 The sevai is a special treat to the eyes and fill LORDs grace unlimited . And  being among-st our Azhwars and the advanced srivaishnavas its sheer bliss


The order in which the Perumals appear in Garuda vaahanam along with the paasuram number is mentioned for devotees  sung by Azhwar is given below:Thiruvallikeni 12418962_1039908092698424_7079268658380822918_o


1)  Sri Adinatha Perumal of Thirukurugoor          3106,3116
2) Sri Vaikuntanatha Perumal of Srivaikuntam   3571,3575
3) Sri Vijayasanar Perumal of Natham (varagunamangai) 3571
4) Sri Kaichinavendan of Thirupulingudi 3473,3568-78
5) Sri Mayakoothan of Perungulam(Thiuukulandhai) 3561
6) Sri Devapiran of Irattai Tirupati }
7) Sri Aravinda Lochanan of Irattai Tirupati } 3271-3281
8) Sri Bhoomipalar of Then Thirupperai 3359-3369
9) Sri Vaithamanidhi of Thirukolur along with Madurakavi Azhwar 3293-3303,3473


After this, neivedyam is offered to Perumal, Azhwar and Madurakavi Azhwar and Perumal leaves the place . All the Perumals assemble at East Mada street and from here all the Nava tirupathi Perumal are taken in procession in the 4 mada streets of Thirunagari with the Nadaswaram troups for each perumal , Veda goshti .

The  devotees burst crackers and lit the roads with dazzling light. The local residents receive Perumal by sweeping the roads and decorating the roads with kollams etc.The zeal in their offering fruits and karpooram at the time of Perumal’s oorvalam is a  great blessing. Almost the entire village are well versed with Perumals arrival. This procedure of waiting near the entrance,  offering  karpoora aarthi and rendering mangalasaasanam on that particular Perumal is followed for all the Perumals. By the time the ninth Perumal Sri Vaithamanidhi of Thirukolur leaves the place, Adinatha Perumal of Thirukurugoor who left first comes back to the temple. After all the nine Perumals assemble, Azhwar pays his deep respects to all the Perumals and all the Perumals get inside the mandapam. Madurakavi Azhwar who has organized this function, payshis respects to Nammazwar who  is pleased with his disciple.


The function  concludes  around 4 A.M. The next day morning, all the Perumals leave to their respective  temples gracing all the devotees  and Nammazwar  accompanies  them  till the entrance of the temple as a Royal guest  . Nammazwar ‘s hamsa vaahanam is  placed in such a manner that he  looks at the proceedings until  Perumal  leaves the temple  street




Distance from







2 KM




3 KM

Erattai Thirupathi



10 KM

Erattai Thirupathi

Chenthamarai Kannan


10 KM




12 KM


Maharenedun Kuzhaikaathar
Niharilmukil vannan

Kuzhaikaathu valli
Thiruperal Nachiyar

10 KM



Kollor Valli

8 KM



Aadinatha Nayagi

5 KM


The Perumals leave the Mandapam around 7.00 –7.30 AM . Only after the sight of Perumal completely disappears, Nammazhwar  leaves  inside a bit sad due to the departure of the perumals to their respective divyadesams.

All glories to the devotees who are at Thirukurogoor seeking the grace of Azhwar and Perumal ….

Prostrating vaishnavas ,Azhwar and Lordships for their abundant grace  adiyen silently walk behind Azhwars Palanquin asking for forgiveness and his grace in attending many more Satsangs…

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics courtesy :  Google images ,

Videos :  Thanks to Sri Govindarajan

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The Skanda Purana states that out of many thousands of gopis, sixteen thousand are predominant and among them  108 gopis are very close , eight are still more prominent . Radharani and Candravalli are very  prominent  and  Srimathi Radharani is the most prominent. Because Radharani possesses all the charm and sweetness to attract Lord Krishna .

Introduction about the Ashta sakhis  is appended in the below linked post

Braj Bhumi  is the most sacred dham spread over  168 miles-  42 miles on each direction with  Mathura as the center.  The holy place  comprises of Mathura,  Goverdhan, Gokulam Barsana ,Vrindavan and the  surrounding  12 forests.  The Supreme Lord manifested Himself as Lord Krishna along with HIS attendants and enacted various pastimes 5000 years ago in Dwapara yugam which attracts millions of devotees to have darshan of this holy dhaam repeatedly .

Lord Krishnavataaram is the POORNA AVATARAM of  Lord Maha Vishnu. Every inch in this place is  sacred because of its association with  Lord Krishna’s  lotus  feet (as He walked over all these places).   Anyone who visits this sacred place is bestowed with   divine love . This is one  of the seven mukthi tharum kshetrams , the rest being Ayodhya,  Avatnti, Kasi,Kanchi, Puri, Dwarka.  Also, Mathura is very dear to Lord Vishnu as it has Lord’s association in all the four yugams.  Lord eternally resides in this place.


Braj Bhoomi, is spread over a area of around 5,000 square kilometers   spanning Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, Bharatpur district in Rajasthan and Hodal Subdivision of Palwal Dist. of Haryana. On its northern fringe, Braj Bhoomi starts at a distance of around 115 KMs from the border of India’s capital New Delhi, along the National Highway 2. From New Delhi , Vrindavan and Mathura, the popular townships of Braj are thre to four hours drive (145 Kms) on the Delhi-Agra National Highway  . Vrindavan and Mathura are at a distance of around 10 kilometers along the NH 2.


Lord Sri Krishna lived in Vrindavan upto HIS 10th year and later moved to Mathura to annihilate the demon  Kamsa.  After this episode ,  Lord stayed in Mathura and later shifted to Dwarka.  Though Lord Krishna resided in Dwaraka by constructing a beautiful city in the sea and was served by 16,108 wives and innumerable assistants,




The Lord was physically present in Dwaraka but always resided permanently in the hearts of the Gopis and Gopikas of Vrindavan.


Of the 16,108 wives of Lord Krishna, eight are more prominent who are collectively known as Ashta mahishis.  They are  Rukmini, Sathyabama, Jambhavati, Kalindhi, Mithravindha, Sathya, Badra and Lakshmana. Likewise, out of lakhs of gopis in Vrindavan, eight gopikas(Ashta sakhis) along with Radharani are very prominent.

The Eight Gopis who are the foremost, dearest and most beloved friends of Shri  Shri Radharani  are  glorified  as Asta-sakhis  Gopis . Their names are Lalita, Visakha, Chitralekha, Champakalata, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi and Sudevi.

Radharani was always surrounded and served by her thousands of gopi-friends out of which eight of them are very prominent and are collectively known as Ashta sakhis.  They are Lalitha , Vishaka, Tungadevi, Rangadevi, Indulekha, Chitralekha, Sudevi and Champakalatha.  These sakhis appeared in different villages around Barsana.


Lalitha at Ucchagaon,

Visakha at Kamaai,

Champakalatha at Karela,

Tungavidya devi at Dabaara,

Rangadevi at Raakoli,

Sudevi at Sunera,

Chitradevi at Chiksoli,

Indulekha at Anjhanak.

These sakhis individually had many assistants under them for serving Radha Krishna. Few of them are elder to Radharani and others are younger to Radha.  The appearance days of all these sakhis coincide with RAdhastami- Radharani’s appearance day which is celebrated after Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Starting from Sashti thithi upto Pournami, the appearance days of these ashta sakhis are celebrated  and Radharani’s appearance day celebrated on RAdhashtami. The details of the Ashtasakhi temples are as follows .


Barsana to Chiksoli Chitrasakhi temple          — 2 kms

Chiksoli to Dabara  Tungadevi sakhi temple  — 2 kms

Dabara to Rakoli RAngadevi sakhi temple     — about 4 kms  and return to Barsana.

Take another route from Barsana to visit Lalitha sakhi and Sudevi sakhi temples

Barsana to Oonchagaon Lalitha sakhi temple — 2 kms

Oonchagaon to Sunera Sudevi sakhi temple   — 3 kms

and return to Barsana to take Delhi route to visit Indulekha, Vishaka and Champakalatha temples

Barsana to Anjanauk Indulekha sakhi temple– 5 kms

Anjanauk to Kamai Vishaka sakhi temple         — 3kms

Kamai to Karela Champakalatha temple (Rajasthan route)– 4 kms  and return to Barsana.


Sudevi, the twin sister of Rangadevi is the last among the ashta sakhis.  Goddess  temple is  located at Sunhera village about 5 kms from  Barsana and about 2 kms from Oonchagaon.  She was  born to Rangasara and Karuna on Bhadrapad maas Chathurdhasi thiti (one day before Pournami and 7 days after Radharani’s appearance day and  was always engaged in the devotional service.

She used to decorate Radharani with flowers, apply kajal and chandan to RAdharani and was an expert in massaging the transcendental body of Srimati RAdharani, apply mehendi on Radharani’s feet.   She used to dress up RAdharani so beautifully that even Krishna used to say that HE is  incompetent and not capable in dressing up Radharani!! like Sudevi


She was  an expert in training parrots . By training them to repeat Krishna’s names  she used to   console Radharani from the pangs of separation from Krishna.

 She was good at reading omens and predictions .  She was also good at gardening and ensured that choicest flowers bloomed to decorate Srimati Radharani.

Links to other  Ashta sakhis

Jai Sree Radhey

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pictures credits : Google images

video credits :  Saadaya..

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Thiruvarangathu AmudhanAr’s ” PRAPANNA GAYATHRI “

SREEE Swami  AmudhanAr was known as Peria Koil Nambi  before becoming disciple of  JagathaAcharyar  Swamy Ramanuja  .  Nambi  appeared at a place called Thirumungirkkudi on  Panguni Hastham a divine place  near to Srirangam. He was one of the dearest  disciple of Swamy Ramanuja . However , before becoming a disciple  of Swamy Ramanuja  ,  he was  the  Head Priest at Lord Sri Ranganathar   Temple, Srirangam .  He was filled with  pride  and had  no  respect  towards Acharya  Swamy Raamanuja for the  command   that was  granted  by Lord Ranganatha to Acharyar . He used to get  upset  with Swamy’s  raising popularity .Out of ego he placed many obstacles in the path  Swamy   followed during the temple administration.

This caused deep pain to Swami Ramanuja.   Swami wished that somehow  Nambi   must be  relocated  in any other service  in the temple . This will help in continuing the service to LORD  and  the smooth running of the affairs of the temple is ensured

ramanujaaa However Lord  Ranganathar had some other plans for Nambi   . He  appeared in  Swami Ramanuja’s dream and  commanded , that the temple priest  Periya Koil Nambi  was   serving him past several years and is dependent on  him .  Hence , he must be taken care off  in all  reverance   . Swami Ramanuja shared his dream with his  close disciple Kuresan and concluded that the Lord did not want him to dismiss Periya Koil Nambhi from his service ,  instead   Lord wanted Nambi to be engaged in some other kaimkaryam other than purohitham.

aaaaaaKuresan responded  to Acharyars request and felt  that the Lord wanted  Swamy Ramanuja to correct the flaws of Nambi and instead  engage him in Acharyar kaimkaryams .

IMG_20160410_132612Swamy Raamanuja suggested that Kuresan himself  should correct Nambi’s destructive ways and bring him back to the fold of Bhagavathas.Kuresan accepted the suggestion of his Acharyan as commanded  and engaged the scholarly Periya Koil Nambi in discussions  daily inside the temple and slowly   changed  his attitude in pure  devotional service  .

3One day ,  Nambi’s mother passed away and   he  was performing her Charama kaimkaryam  in seclusion as due to  his  arrogant behaviour many vaishnavas avoided to officiate the ceremonies.


This news reached Swamy  Ramanuja  . Swamy realized the desperate state  of Nambi  and suggested that Kuresan  must take part in the ceremony and bring  some change in him  . In this important srarddha ceremony, there is a stage, when the brahmin chosen to accept the ritual food  is supposed to  say, ” I am satisfied with the offerings given by the kartha  ( doer )


However , when that stage arrived, Kuresan  remained silent  and did not reply the  expected word of  “ThrupthAsma :” (  meaning he was satisfied) .

Nambi was deeply disturbed and  hence pleaded    Kuresaa

What  needs to be done to satisfy you swamin  ? 

Acharya Ramanuja had  the desire  that  Kuresan  would  ask  Nambi  the following as as dhanam,  

   1) Purohitham and

 2) Purana  patanam for Sri RanganAthan, in his temple , which were the hereditary rights of Nambi’s  family.


When Kuresan asked for these two boons , Nambi  had no choice except to agree.  Acharya Raamanuja  glad with the outcome handed over the  Srirangam  temple administration from Nambi  and appointed Kuresan to serve as the chief priest and pouranikar for the Lord.

Nambi was glad that the responsibility was handed over to a advanced devotee like Kuresar. Nambi  watched the way Kuresar  unstinted devotion to LORD .The daily rituals performed meticulously with utmost devotion  made Nambi change his attitude towards the devotees and especially Swamy Ramanuja


Lord Ranganatha was very pleased with the turn of events.   . Looking at the change in behaviour of Nambi ,  Kuresan  took  Nambi  and both of them went to   Swamy Raamanuja’s ashram .  Nambi  surrendered to the lotus  feet of Swamy Ramanuja with repentance .

Acharya Ramanuja was overjoyed at the transformation in Nambi  and recognized that extraordinary scholarship and  recommended that Kuresan become the Acharyan to nambi instead of him. SREEThe changed personality and his  sweetness of speech  earned him  the name of “AmudhanAr”  by Swamy Ramanuja himself .


From then on, Periya Koil Nambi came to be known as ” Thiruvarangatthu AmudhanAr “. He was also addressed with reverence as “PiLLai AmudhanAr”. AmudhanAr  coming very close to Swamy Ramanuja and his Acharyar Sri Kooresar was moved by the dayaa of  Swamy RaamAnuja and  with utmost devotion composed the 108 paasurams of Sri Raamanuja Noorrandhathi and recited in front of  Lord NamperumaL.


Lord Ranganatha commanded Swamy RamAnuja not to accompany Him on His Raaja Veedhis  procession . He also advised not to play any Naadaswaram ,   and stopped all  the musical instruments .He commanded the  Sri Vaishnavas to recite Raamanuja Noorrandhathi.

From then on, Noorrandhathi is recited after Iyarppaa  Prabhandam at Perumal and Thayar sannidhis as per  the command of Lord  NamperumAL. Acharya Ramanuja obeyed the wish of Lord RanganAthA and included the recital of NooRRandhAthi at the end of Iyarppaa recitation, just as KaNNinuNN SiRutthAmpu is recited at the end of Mudal Aayiram. Thus AmudhanAr is to AchArya RaamAnujA just as Madhura Kavi is to Swamy NammAzhwAr. The two prabhandhams by Madhura kavi and Thiruvarangatthu AmudhanAr are like Naayaka rathnams adorning the gem necklace.


In Sri In VaishNava sampradhAyam, AchAryan is recognizedas the avathAra visesham of Sriman NaarAyaNan.Therefore, one worships one’s AchAryan in  form of  Perumal .

 In every one of his NooRRandhAthi paasurams, AmudhanAr placed the ThirunAmAm of Swamy RaamAnusar for our benefit.

iniyenn kuRai namakkemperumAnAr ThirunAmatthAl muni tanatha nooRRettu SAAVITHRI yennu nuNNporuLai kani tantha senjcholl KalithuraiyandhAthi paaDithanthAn punithan ThiruvarangatthamuthAhiya PuNNiyanE

(meaning We have nothing missing in our lives , now that we have the prapanna Gavathree — the 108 pasurams of RaamAnuja nooRRandhAthi celebrating our AchAryan’s sacred name in andhAthi, blessed by puNya moorthi , ThiruvarangatthamudanAr .

Meditating on the deep meanings of this Prabhandham , we do not have any more wants in this world . We do not lack any thing. This prabhandham is otherwise called as Prapanna Gayathri, i.e it is the gayathri manthra to all Prapannaas the ones who have surrendered to LORD lotus feetSRI  Elders advise to meditate on Swamy Ramanujas thirumeni mentally as all the Poorvacharyas are his personification .The  comparisions is made as follows .All the holy thirumeni is equated with revered Acharyas .. 

Eyes : Uyyakondar

Forehead Thiruman Kaapu : Sri Vishvakshsenar

Head : Nammalawar

Face : Nathamuni

Cheeks : Mannakal Nambee

Abdomen : Thiruvarangaperumal Araiyar

Hands : Thirugoshtiyur nambee

Heart : Allavandar

Neck : Perianambee

Lower back : Embaar

Chest : Thirumala nambee

Back : Thirumalai Andaan

Waist : Thirukachhi nambee

Tridandam : Sri Mudali Andaan

Tulasee mani  malai : Thirukurugai Piran pillan

Shawdow : Pillai Urungavilliidasar

Holy Yagnopaveetham : Swamy Koorathazhwan

The Safron dress : Vaduganambee

The thighs : Nampillai

The Holy feet : Swamy Pillai LokaAcharyar

Padukas : Swamy Manavala maamuni

Feet Elbows : Parasara bhattar and Namjeeyar

Knees : Vadakku thiruvedi pillai

Feet marks : Thiruvazhmozhi pillai

Fragnance : Swamy Desikar



jai jai

 Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Photos : Courtesy Google images

Videos :   Vijay TV  and Thanks to the devotees who uploaded .

All glories to Spiritual masters .

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One hundred vessels of butter and another one hundred vessels of nectarine sweet pudding …….. and .., If my Lord ….. you accept them….. I would place another one hundred thousand more …..


Once  JagathAcharyar Swamy Ramanuja was  giving a discourse on the magnum opus  “Nachiyar Thirumozhi ” from the  4000 Divya Prabhandam composed by Azhwars   . The disciples were engrossed with the  inner meaning of  “Nachiyar Tirumozhi ”  a set of 143  divine verses that was composed by Andaal the only women saint   among the Azhwars .


Mother  Andaal’s  eagerness to meet Lord Krishna is wonderfully described in these emotional outpourings . Andaal   attempts various methods  to attain union with  Lord Krishna  which forms the major part of this epic ” Nachiyar Thirumozhi” .


Among these verses ,”Varanamaiyeeram ”  is recited at  all srivaishnava wedding  ceremonies compulsorily . The divine verses narrate   Mother  Andaal’s  experiences with her friends  on her way to submit herself to  the Lordships and  thus fulfill  her purpose of birth .

Another set of verses are chanted  daily in Srivaishnava houses while offering the bhoga to the Lordships ..The verse goes like this ……in tamil

nAru narum pozhil mAlirunchOli  nambikku

nAn…… nooru  thadAvil vennai vAi nErindhu parAvi vaiththEn…

nooru thadA  niraindha   akkAra vadisil sonnEn……….

Aruthiruv udaiyAn endru vandhu evai kollungolO??

..In the above   verses Andaal amma  prays to Lord Sundararajan of  “Thirumaliruncholai”  a  srivaishnava divya desam near Madurai  .


She  submits ..

Oh Lord !!   I  would place before your Lordships  ,

One hundred vessels of butter and another one hundred  vessels of  nectarine  sweet pudding ( Akkarav adishil  …. Payasam of rice cooked in Milk with jaggery and ghee ) and If  my Lord   you accept them…..

  I  would place another one hundred thousand more …………………………..

(This  Nooru Thada (vessel ) utsavam is celebrated to this day in Melkote at Mysore)


 Swamy Ramanuja stopped at this verse  . He looked at his disciples and said ..

Why not we proceed to this Holy shrine “Thirumaliruncholai”  at once…

and carry out our Goddess  Andaal’s wish ?

So saying this,  they all rose and journeyed to the holy place and spread a great feast before the LORDSHIPS chanting the  divine pasurams .


The occasion was too special for Swamy Ramanuja .

After completion , they  proceeded to Srivilliputtur the appearance place of Goddess Andaal. With tears he submitted his prayer before her in giving him an opportunity to serve the Lordships with by offering the nectarine bhoga   As he entered the ardha Mandapam of Andaal’s temple , he was surprised to see  Goddess Andaal eagerly  waiting for him in person to appreciate  for the services he rendered on her behalf to the Lordships  at Thirumalirumcholai .


She moved out of the Inner sanctum  and waited   near the ardha Mantapam  to greet her “elder brother ” for carrying out her task  after  the span of  few centuries just as a responsible elder brother would fulfill the dear wishes of his younger sister.

She  suddenly broke  the protocol of  archa silence and called Swamy Ramanuja as her annan ( brother )  . She never went back into the sanctum and stays even today at the Ardha Mantapam with Her consort.


Ramanuja is therefore  glorified  with the title KOIL ANNAR .

With humble reverence ,  Swamy Ramanuja proceeds to Azhwar Tirunagari  the appearance place of Swamy Nammazhwar and  offers  his obeisances to Lord Aadi deva perumal .   Further he proceeds  to Thirukkolur with the object of having darshan of Lord Vaithamanidhi Perumal . Being the appearance place of Madhurakavi Azhwar it had special significance  and  is believed that one who reaches this place and has  darshan  of the Lord here seldom wishes  to leave the place  due to the incomparable divine beauty of the  LORD at this place .

This is the place where Nammazhwar imagined himself as a beautiful maiden and sings the wonderful pasuram ..

Unnum sorum..  pasuram ……..


Recollecting the  below sweet verses Swamy Ramanuja  walking along  with his disciples  have Lord’s darshan .  En route , all people from the  nearby  villages  had arrived to seek  Jagathacharyar blessings  .Among them a  lady humbly   prostrated and offered obeisances .  Swamy Ramanuja  pleased with her devotion asked her as to where was she coming from.


The lady  replied that  she was leaving  Thirukkolur once for all .  Swamy Ramanuja smiled and quoted a line from Nammazhwar’s paasuram

and said  my child !!

how is  that when all women are waiting  here to go to Thirukkolur whereas  you have  decided to leave the  divine  place

My child !!  You know ….Thirukkolur is a holy place and most sought by the devotees who rush to be among the wonderful people there worshiping the Lordships .


The lady who was glowing with effulgence  replied eloquently in a free flowing and unimpeded manner   a set of eighty rhetorical questions, which referred to various  divine incidents in the lives of sages, saints and the Lordships  on her eligibility to stay at Thirukolur  .


In each of the questions  she compares the depth of devotion displayed by the  immortal characters  and thus   submits  her ineligibility  to  worship the Lordships  and had no right to expect that Lord  would treat her in a special way.

This  great  work is called ” Thirukkolur Pen Pillai Rahasyam”  written by  the great Acharyar Swamy Thiruvaimozhi Pillai  provides deep insights for a aspiring devotee to spiritually progress in a material world.


The 81 questions referred have been briefly reflected  below along with english translations .

( The inner meanings  and reflections shared by advance devotees in their discourses shall be shared separately in the coming posts )

The Thirukkolur Pen Pillai Ammals questions ..…..

Holy sire !!! What is my eligibity in staying at this holy place …??

Did  I go on a holy mission like  the great devotee Akrura ?

Azhaiththu varugiren endreno akroorarai pOle…

Did I entertain Vidhura in my home ?

Agamozhiththu vitteno vithurarai pole…

Did I cast off my body like the Rishi’s wife ?

Dhegaththai vitteno rishi paththiniyai pole…

Did I cause a  demon Ravana to be killed like Sita

Dhasamuganai setrenO piraattiyai pOle…

Did I raise like the dead like Tondaman Chakravarthy

PiNam ezhuppi vittenO thoNdaimaanai pOle…

Did I offer a corpse like Ghantakarana

PiNavirundhittenO gantaakarNanai pOle…

Did I adorn   Goddess Sita like Anusuya

ThaaikkOlam seydhenO anasooyaiyai pOle…

Did I seek a father like Dhruva

Thandhai engE endREnO Dhruvanai pOle…

Did I repeat the 3 lettered  name like Kshatrabandhu

Moondrezhuththu sonneno kshathra bandhuvai pOle…

Did I get trodden like Ahalya

Mudhaladiyai petREnO agaligaiyai pOle…

Did I ripen while yet raw like Andal

Pinjaai pazhuththEnO aaNdaaLai pOle…

Did I  glorify Lord Narayana like Peria Azhwar

Did I ransack religions like Thirumisai Azhwar ?

Aaraaindhu vittEnO thirumazhisaiyaar pOle

Did I realise  LORDSHIPS  as the subtlest like Nammazhwar

Avan (Naan) siriyan endREnO aazhwaarai pOle

Did I say anything like Kulasekhara Azhwar

Edhenum endreno kulasekararai pOle…

Did I say  !  I pledge my word like little krishna

Yaan saththiyam endreno krishnanai pOle...

Did I give clues to  Lord Rama like Kabandha

Adaiyaalam sonneno kabandhanai pOle…

Did I reveal secrets like Trijatha

Andharangam sonnenO thirijadaiyai pOle…

Did I recognize LORD like Mandodari

Avan dheivam endREnO mandodhariyai pOle…

Did I say   know thee like sage Vishwamitra

Aham vEdhmi endREnO vishwaamiththirarai pOle…

Did I say I know “No god”  like Madhurakavi Azhwar

ThEvu matRaRiyEnO madhurakaviyaarai pOle…

Did I give birth like Devaki

Dheivaththai petREnO dhEvakiyai pOle…

Did i say conceal thy discuss like vasudeva

Aazhi marai endREnO vasudhevarai pOle…

Did I bring up the cowherd like Yasoda

Aayanaai (Aayanai) valarthEno yasodhayai pOle…

Did I do a mite of service like the squirrels

Anuyaathirai seydheno anilangalai pOle…

Did I take beaten  rice like Kuchela

Aval poriyai eendhEnO kuchelarai pOle…

Did I bestow weapons like Agastaya

Aayudhangal eendheno agasthiyarai pOle…

Could I enter the  war mentally  like sanjaya

Andharangam pukkeno sanjayanai pOle…

Could I by works obtain bliss like Janaka

Karmaththaal petREnO janakarai pOle…

Did I bite the toe and see HIM like Kaliyan ( Thirumangai Azhwar )

Kadiththu avanai kandeno thirumangaiyaarai pOle

Did I become an Umbrella like Adhisheshan

Kudai mudhalaanadhu aaneeno ananthaazhwaanai pOle…

Did I carry HIM like Garuda

Kondu thirindhEno thiruvadiyai pOle…

Did I keep up the promise like Nampaduvan

Ilaippu vidaai theertheno nampaaduvaanai pOle…

Did I behold HIM in a nook like the foremost Azhwars

Idai kazhiyil kandEnO mudhalaazhwaargalai pOle…

Did I guard the two princess like sage valmiki

Iru mannarai petREnO vaalmeekarai pOle…

Did I offer the two garlands like Tondaradipodi Azhwar

Iru maalai eendhEno thondaradipodi Aazhwaar pOle…

Did I obtain truths like Thirukachi Nambee

Avan uraikka petREnO thirukkachchiyaarai pOle…

Was I absorbed into God like Tiruppan Azhwar

Avan mEni aanEno thiruppaanarai pOle…

Did I say send them  like vashista

Anuppi vaiyum endREnO vasishtarai pOle…

Did I worship sandals like Kongil Piratee

Adi vaanginEno kongil piraattiyai pOle…

Did I offer clay flowers like Kuruva Nambi

Mann poovai ittEno kurava nambiyai pOle…

Did I exclaim Oh ! The originator like Gajendra

Moolam endru azhaithEno gajaraajanai pOle

Poosa koduthEno kooniyai pOle…

Did I offer wreaths like Malakara

Did I keep my assigned place like Bharata

Vaiththa idaththu irundhEno bharathanai pOle…

Did I serve on the way like lakshmana

Vazhiyadimai seydhEno lakshmananai pOle…

Did I land on the other shore like Guha

Akkaraikke vittEno guhaperumaaLai pOle...

Did I fight with the demon Jatayu ?

Arakkanudan porudhEno periyavudaiyaarai pOle…

Did I land on this shore like Vibhishina

Ikkaraikke sendrEno vibheeshananai pOle…

Did I offer sweet fruits like Sabari

Iniyadhendru vaiththEno sabariyai pOle

Did I say Here he is like Prahalada

Ingum undu endrEno prahlaadhanai pOle…

Did I hide Little Krishna like  Dhadhibandha the cowherd

Ingillai endrEno Dhadhipaandanai pOle…

Did I go to the forest like Lord Rama’s followers

Kaattukku pOnEno perumaalai pOle…

Did I proclaim discovery of Mother Sita like Hanumanjee

Kandu vandhEn endrEno thiruvadiyai pOle…

Did I relinquish both hands like Draupadi

Iru kaiyyum vittEnO Dhraupadhiyai pOle…

Did I say the excuse Milk boils over like Vaduga nambee

Ingu paal pongum endrEno vaduga nambiyai pOle…

Did I hold my throat like Selva pilai

Iru midaru pidiththEno Selva pillaiyai pOle…

Did I deserve the command STOP HERE as Idaiyaitrukkudi nambi

Nillena petrEno idaiyaatroor nambiyai pOle…

Did I carry the message He is dead like Marutiyandan

Avan pOnAn endrEnO maaruthi AndAnai pOle...

Did I go in pursuit like Nathamiunigal

Nedundhooram pOnEno naatha munigalai pOle…

Did I say I want HIM not like kuresa

Anukoolam sonnEno maalyavaanai pOle…

Did I refute Advaita like swamy Ramanuja

adadhwaitham vendrEnO emperumAnArai pOle…

Ananthapuram pukkEno aaLavandhaarai pOle…

Did I go to Anantapuram like Alavandar

Did I feel separation like Teyvavariyanden

Aariyanai  pirindhEno dheivaari aandaanai pOle…

Did  I compose Andhadee like Malyavan

Andhaadhi sonnEno amudhanaarai pOle…

Did I opine mere ocean roar like Mahapurna

SooLuravu kondEno thirukkottiyooraarai pOle…

Did I exact promise like Goshtipurna

yaan siriyan endrEnO Thirumalai nambiyai pOle…

Did I obtain mercy like a dumb person

Uyiraaya petrEno Oomaiayai pOle…

Did I give up my body like Tirunariyurariyar

Udambai veruththEno thirunaraiyooraararai pOle…

Did I profuse insignificantly like srisailapurna

Sutri kidandhEno thirumaalaiyaandaanai pOle…

Did I  force my finger into snakes mouth like Embar

Vaayil kaiyittEno embaarai pOle…

Did I vanquish a pundit by showing marks on arm like Bhattaraya

ThoL kaatti vandhEno battarai pOle

Did I seek secluded spot like Villiputhur bhagavathar

Turai veru seydhEno bagavarai pOle…

Did I jump into water like kannapurattammal

On hearing these questions and her deep understanding  , Swamy Ramanuja was thunderstruck. Swamy Ramanuja  delivered a sweet discourse that made her reconsider her hasty decision in leaving the holy place .


The lady very respectfully offered obeisance’s to Swamy Ramanuja and requested Swamy to initiate a system to be adopted at the temple where the Lord is  offered traditional poojas daily ,  fortnightly ,monthly and annual festivals with pomp and show . This would increase the glory of the holy place and force the people to stay there forever .

Swamy Ramanuja ,Ammai along with the disciples entered the holy place  Thirukolur The pious  lady invited Swamy Ramanuja to her house and offered prasada to be honoured by Jagathacharya  . Swamy gladly accepted the same .  Later all of them went to the  temple at Thirukoloor and offered prayers to the Lordships.


Thus the glory of Thirukolur spread and the great spiritual treasure……

Thirukolur Penpillai rahasyam (Thirukkolur Ammal Varththaigal ) became a legendary guideline  for ardent devotees   seeking Lords lotus feet .

He blessed her and saw to  that the due performance of all festivals connected with LORDSHIPS and Madhurakavi Azhwar are celebrated grandly as emphasised by shastras .

( The inner meanings  and reflections shared by advance devotees in their discourses shall be shared separately in the coming posts in detail very soon by Acharyar’ s abundant mercy )


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Photos credits :   Google images

Video credits :   Thanks to  “Sharp videos” / Thirukoshtiyar Vembu/                                     4000 divyaprabhandam




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Madhumangal replied, “I don’t want to play.” I am hungry kanna ……

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Krishna took up his laddu and gently shoved it into Madhumangal’s mouth. Laughing, Krishna said, “I hope you are no more hungry, my dear Madhumangal.” Madhumangal was surprised and a little ashamed. He had forced his friend to steal but Krishna had not eaten even a bite. “Has Krishna no desires?” he wondered. Reading his unspoken thought Krishna answered, “Truly, I have no desires.” Continue reading

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***** Sanandana to Padmapada ***** …….. Jai Jai Nrsimha …Govinda keshava janardana vasudeva vishvesha-vishva madhusudana vishvarupa shri padmanabha purushottama pushkaraksha narayanachyuta nrisimho namo namaste

Sanandhana was dejected!!  What use of my austerity and sadhana? When a normal person won Lord mercy  by  his sheer love without any iota of pride.  He understood Lord was looking for his innocent and unconditional  love .

Check the appended post for the full story

The spiritual pride of Sanandana  was shattered with that incident …


True!! He recollected  his guru’s teachings …”  when devotion enters a man he becomes humane” .  The hunter was a truly humane.

jaya jaya

He realised it was Lord’s divine will to reveal HIMSELF.  He quickly walked out of the jungle accepting the Lord’s instructions praying continuously chanting  the ” Mantra Raja Pada ”  sloka and humming Lords holy names . It is almost  end of the jungle .Suddenly he hears  a chorus of Hari Naama sankeertanam

Rushing into the crowd, he finds few sadhus chanting “Rama nama” .. Immensely pleased that he reached the right place , he joins the band and sings the holy name.   Attracted by the boy’s tejas, the sadhus ask him  whether he would  join them up to Varanasi.  Sanandana’s only aim was to meet his new Acharyar and for that he was supposed to travel to holy dhams .He readily agreed .


He  just followed the child devotee Prahalada’s instructions of various forms of worship like Sravanam, Keertanam,Smaranam, Vandanam, Padha sevanam, Daasyam, Atma Nivedanam.  Always contemplating on the Lord’s beautiful form and uttering the holy names , he reached Varanasi.

Looking at holy Ganges, he rushes to take a holy dip.  Praying Paramasivan, the foremost Vaishnava who composed Mantra Raja Pada Stotram  to grace him and bless him in meeting his satguru.


He takes  leave of  sadhus to have darshan of Lord Vishwanatha.  Enroute he is attracted to a serene place.  Looking at the temple tower, he pays his obeisances to Lord Paramasivan with a humble prayer to grace him in meeting his satguru .  He once again returns to the same serene place.  Walking slowly, he hears vedic chants learnt by him from his guru.  Overjoyed, he moves further to see a gurukul scene.  Under a tree he looks into a saint having a divine aura around him.  The saint is young and has  a magnetic personality.  His eyes were so compassionate  which makes anyone sink ..


Sanandhana rushed to the spot.  He just falls at the young saint’s lotus feet like an uprooted tree with tears …Sanandana’s  conscience  announces that he is his satguru.  Thus he waits patiently  for his guru to speak to him..  silently chanting, he stands  there among the disciples.


The young saint was Adishankara.   Reverentially he walks  near his master and submits.



My name is Sanandhana.  I am coming from the banks of Kaveri.  I am a disciple of a learned guru and have   completed  my studies in shukla yajur veda .

Adisankara was looking at the boy and could see an aura of a lion faced Lord Narasingha  around him.  By his mere looks, Adi sankara understood he was a staunch Lord Narasingha Bhagavan’s devotee

jaya jaya jaya

Looking at the bright lad he asks !  Good child !! Tell me  who is your Ishta Daivam.  Immediately  Sanandana replies !! Lord Narasingha !!

and narrates  the episode what happened few days back.  The instructions and the mission.

Adi Sankara understood the boy’s dedication.  He replied.. My child! In fact I was waiting for you.  By next Pournami, we must reach Ujjain…. Nice that you joined us ..


Sanandhana liked the place.  He became the most obedient disciple and served his Acharyar  in all means .  Slowly by his sheer service he became , Acharya’s personal servant

He learnt the inner esoteric truths from Upanishads in detail from his Master .  All the while, he was remembering ” Lord Narasingha Dev” chanting silently the Mantra Raja Pada Stotram.

Sanandhana’s mood was always immersed in the divine instructions of Lord Narasingha dev to seek solace from an Acharya. He was eager to have Mantropadesham and have darshan of Lord by the mercy of Adisankara.Thus  he was constantly chanting Lord Narsingha Dev Moola Mantra.

Other disciples were jealous of Sanandhana for his proximity to  Acharyar Adisankara.  Adisankara knew Sanandhana was an advanced devotee who had almost heard  the Lord and was  a realised soul.

jai jai jai

He wished to prove Sanadhana’s devotion  and steadfastness among the disciples .  One evening during the classes, Adisankara instructed Sanandana to go to the other bank of Ganges river and bring dharba grass which was intentional test .  Sanandana managed to cross  the river and was picking up the kusa grass.  Suddenly he was informed that Acharya urgently wanted his disciples to see him.


Sanandhana looked puzzled and simply ran towards the Ashram without bothering that he was literally running over the river  Ganges .  Ganges was flowing with so much ferocity and it would have washed away any one!!

But Sanandhana chanting the Mantra raja Pada slokam simply ran over the water much to the astonishment of all the  disciples. There in the river  they could see a lotus blooming at the place where Sanandhana was to place his foot. When Sanandana put his foot in the river, a huge lotus came up to hold his foot and when he raised his next leg to put the next step , another lotus emerged eagerly waiting to receive his foot.  Sanandana just ran over the bloomed lotus flowers in  the flowing water . Not a single drop of water touched his foot. The disciples were aghast.  Adisankara was silently praying Lord Narasinga deva.

The sight of a devotee walking on lotus flowers amidst  the setting sun was so divine.

Sanandhana ran and fell at he Acharya’s feet and begged to forgive him for having come late. Adisankara could gauge the lad’s steadfast devotion and Lord’s protection on him.

He said, Sanandhana from now onwards you will be known as” Padmapada”-the one who has lotus feet.

Sanandhana fell at acharyar’s feet seeking mercy.  All the disciples could understand the depth of devotion he had to their Acharya .

Years passed! Sankara with his disciples were returning southwards towards Simhachalam in Andhra pradesh .  It was a thick jungle infested with wild animals.  There was a tribe called “Kaapalikas”.  The kapalikas  used to kill  humans  to appease their demigods for materialistic pleasures.  Human sacrifice was a common ritual those days.

A young Kaapalika notices Adisankara performing oblations near   a hillock . Other disciples were walking far behind .  Seeing the  young sanyasi with effulgence he decides that offering the brahmin will be a great feast to the demigod .

jai jai naarasimha

Shankara  noticed the Kaapalika coming near him .He understood the divine play  about to happen .He smiled at the new entrant .  He asked him what exactly he wished.

The Kaapalika was a dark tall man with an ugly face wearing a garland of skulls.

He said, “Oh holy sire, I had taken a vow to offer heads of pure saints to our goddess so that I can rule this world.  Please accept my request as with your consent, my goddess will shower my entire tribe to rule the world.

Sankara was  wondering !!!  Did you say saints ..!!

Oh! Heads of saints !!!


The kaapalika replied  Yes,Yes.

Sankara smiled!  and immediately agreed!  In that case let it happen !!!  I am ready …

The cannibal was overjoyed.  He never expected the polite answer !!!

He said Thank you Swamin ….

” Now! Please come along… They entered a cave and Sankara could see a huge idol of demigoddess.  The Cannibal said ..Please  help yourself  swamin … There is that tree ..Please sit on the trunk of it .. as I go and get the sword !!! –.

Sankara did what was told by cannibal.


Meanwhile !!!  Sanandana  along with the other disciples  managed to trace the cave and rushed to see his Master meditating under the tree. The scene was gruesome …

He noticed the cannibal raising a sharp sword to kill his master. Sanandana couldn’t  bear the scene ….

He immediately  jumped chanting                   Jai Narasimha

                                                                                 Jai Narasimha

                                                                                Jai Jai Narasimha

and challenged the cannibal face to face.


Sankara opened his eyes. He saw Sanandana in a huge form roaring ferociously.  He  roared and just walked before the cannibal and  pulled the sharp sword.  He dissected his head in fraction of seconds amidst  pride of lions following him from no where  …

Sankara was shocked by the sight.  The head of Kaapalika was gone and lying at his feet.

Sanandhana was still in fury roaring , making all the disciples tremble ..


The Acharya stood up and with folded hands  and went near his disciple.

He was  now worshipping his own disciple..   He could see Lord Narasingha bhagavan in him and  thus  had a  divine  darshan.

Instantly  he composed the holy sloka “Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Mamadehi Karavalambam”  and offered it to Lord’s lotus feet ..

The entire cave was vibrating with the holy chants …


Sanandhana by his sheer love, dedication could dissolve Lord Narasimha bhagavan  in himself.  It was not him seeking Lord’s darshan.  Instead Lord gave darshan through him.!!  to his Acharyar !!

Sanandana was the foremost disciple of Adisankara ..



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Pics credits : Google images

Videos : Advanced devotees of Lord Narasingha bhagavan



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Near the banks of the river  kaveri  in a gurukulam   the guru was revealing pastime of the  divine Lordships  . He was emotionally  charged and was bringing the real situation what  the great devotee bhaktha prahalada was facing and how Lord was taking care of his custody .


The Guru went into the minute details how Prahalada was tortured  by his demonic father every time he chanted the Holy name . There was pin drop silence everywhere as he continued  to describe the appearance of the Lord ….

The demon screamed …Hey Prahalada,   

You say HE is  every where …

why is HE not here!!  in this pillar? With demonic eyes he thundered ..Come on!!

Allow   me to kill you    and let me see how your most worship able  Lord comes to protect you. With terrible anger, the demon stuck his heavy fist against the pillar.

There was lightning  thunder and a forceful sound  that could make the entire universe  into pieces. The demigods thought the planets were about to collapse.  Suddenly from the huge Pillar  a  roaring  sound was heard that could  crack  the universe. A countless lions roaring together…..The roaring made the earth shiver..

 All the disciples were attentively hearing to their Guru..

jai jai narasimha

The demon   Hiranyakasipu laughed and  looked closely at the form of  Lord from the pillar .The Lord  was  looking extremely fearsome . His angry eyes like molten gold, shining mane added ferocity to the lovely face. The dreadful teeth,   razor sharp tongue , erect ears  the cave like nostrils , the mouth  slightly parted jaws , a huge  body  that  touched the sky,  short well-built  neck  ,  a  broad chest, thin waist and the lovely  body hairs like the rays of moon. His long arms spread in all directions .

All the disciples were immersed in their thoughts of the happenings there …

jaya jaya

The Guru continued , just as small insects falls forcefully into the fire, the demon got attracted to the lovely form . The  mighty Lord  became  invisible.  Hiranyakasipu attacked the Lord with his mace .Lord  who was full of effulgence allowed the mice to crawl .  The scene was as Garuda plays  with  a snake by slowly releasing and again holding , the Lord left  the demon a little and allowed him to  come back to fight.

jai narasimha1

Making a huge noise, shrill sound of laughter, the  Lord of Lords  Narasinga deva   captured Hiranyakasipu like a mice , and  hit him on the strong chest. With greater  speed,  the demon  was tossed sometimes in the sky and sometimes on the earth. The demon kept his eyes closed because of fear of the Lord and His  thundering roared laughter.


 Ultimately , Lord Narasinga dev  placed the demon  on HIS lap supporting him with HIS thighs, on  the doorway, at twilight and effortlessly tore open the demon into pieces with HIS  sharp nails thus Lord’s   mouth and mane were sprinkled with blood.  HIS  fearsome  eyes, full of anger  were just impossible to look at. Licking the edge of the mouth with his tongue he  simply threw the body aside.  Manifesting in full effulgence angrily HE roamed in the corridors and   sat down on the assembly hall on the throne. No one, out of fear could dare  to come near.

jai jai aji jai

Brahma requested the devotee Prahalada … My child !! Lord  Narasingha deva  is extremely angry ..  Please go and appease Him as  LORD has  appeared only for You.

Prahalada  with folded hands walked near LORD  and fell down flat to pay his obeisance’s . The Lord ever compassionate placed his lotus hand on the head thus gracing the child devotee…..

The Guru ended the divine pastime chanting the sloka along with the disciples







 Among the  disciples  , Sanandhana  a young lad  was shedding tears . Who will not shed tears hearing Lord Narasingha devas divine leela. Sanandhana instantly fell in love with Lord Narasingha deva … The sloka what his  Guru chanted dissolved in his memory ..He was just chanting the sloka and relishing the Lord’s majestic form  . He kept recollecting the divine pastime shedding tears .His mood was stuck to the divine appearance. He recollected Lord’s compassion on Prahalada for every demonic act done by his father Hiranyakasipu.   His mind was contemplating on   Lords’ arrival.  He decided, he must also seek Lord’s real darshan..


The class was called for the day .All the disciples walked out .

Sanandhana  walked up to his guru and pleaded…

 Guruji!  Can I also have darshan of Lord like Prahalada ? The Guru replied .. Why not my child ..After all !  LORD is more eager to meet us ..  Sanandana said then  ! Please bless me so that I can  also have Lord’s darshan like Bhaktha Prahalada . 

The thirst to see LORD grew by leaps and bounds .


 Sanandana was in a different mood . He was bodily present in the class, but his mind was absorbed in the verse his Guru chanted!!

 Mata Narasimha…Pita Narasimha …. I must…I will meet the LORD …. But How??  How will HE know my craving?

He waited for the class to end .He once again walked near to his Gurujee and said !

Acharya!!  Please once again tell me the divine pastime of Lord.  The thirst  is never getting  quenched and please tell me how can I see the Lord face to face .Please instruct me what penance must I do to seek his lotus feet like Prahalada .

Please Gurujee !! I cannot bear his separation …


The guru understood his steadfast devotion to LORD .  He replied !! My child ! Lord is ever compassionate .Tomorrow is a Full moon day .

Take a holy dip in kaveri and meet me  in the  Ashram altar  .

Sanandana was eager  and desperate for the sun to set soon. All the while chanting the sloka he thanked the Lord for his mercy in being with a learned Guru who was about to advise him the mantra that shall have his darshanam.

 The next day ,  Sanandana rushed to kaveri for a holy dip . Praying the Lord he rushed into the altar before time,  awaiting his Guru to bless him .

The Guru offered his prayers to his Acharyas  and lordships.  It was full moon day.  He called Sanandana and said , Look my child I am teaching you the holiest of holy Mantra, the Mantra Rajam. 


He said, “My child , This sloka was glorified by Paramasivan himself.  It also is called Narasimha Raja Patha Stotram. Sanandana listened to the mantra carefully and repeated along with his Guru.  He was corrected for the pronunciation and slowly mastered the sloka  repeating it with his guru .

jai narasingha


The Guru glad with his determination said …..

 My child ! The sloka  must be chanted with sincere prayer to seek his lotus feet .  Chant as many times as you can, but with sheer love and dedication. May all auspiciousness follow you and May Lord Narasingha dev  bless you . The Guru blessed the child and offered his prayers to Lord.

 Sanandhana  happily leaves the Ashram  and the surrounding villages.  He finally arrives near a jungle .Walking inside he crosses many bushes and hillocks .Feeling proud about his  Guru choosing his candidature to initiate him with the mantra he is puffed with pride  . The Spiritual pride had invisibly germinated in his mind .  Silently chanting the juicy sloka ” mata narasimha pita narasimha”  he looks for a serene place  for meditating .  Somehow he reaches  a mud cave.

jayaa caveee

  He finds the place serene and calm .  He decides  to meditate on Lord exactly at the same  spot .Clearing the debris , he makes  a seat for himself .

Composed  with his mind he sits in padmaasanam  pose , closing his eyes he  starts  chanting the mantra.  The place vibrates  with divine chants …

Suddenly from nowhere, a hunter comes near him  and calls him 

Punditjee …. punditjee…

jaya jaya narasimhaaa

Sanandhana is suddenly woken up from his meditative mood.  On opening his eyes he finds a hunter in a shabby dress holding sharp knives.

 jai jai naarasimha

Punditjee , You are so young and look like ashram boy? What made you come here in this jungle? Are you lost here  by chance ??

Sanandhana was getting irritated with this hunter’s nonstop bla bla.  He looks at him and says ….

Hey Man! Don’t you see I am engaged in an important mission.  Please leave me and allow me with my worship!

The hunter is worried .He innocently appeals  ……..


Do you know there is a man eater roaming here which had killed 64 people past 2 months and just behind that cave I saw those broken skeletons last week.  I am afraid for your life . Please leave this place soon …

jaya jay jaya

Sanandhana thought! It is no use to keep discussing with this useless talk. Instead engage him. He instantly  replies … Look!  Hey Man ….I am here !! looking for a wild animal in this same forest and you know this animal has a lion’s face and a body of normal human being.  He is very ferocious and can handle few lacs of man eaters all alone…and I am in the process of bringing him here in a magic spell by meditating …

Ok!!  Now leave me … 

The hunter was puzzled!! Another animal that can handle more than one lakh man eaters.  Panditji….. Unbelievable.  Unbelievable …

  Yes! He can kill them from a distance… I mean it …..



 The hunter again replied … Punditji! Iam no fool to believe this.  I spent all my childhood in this place and never ever seen such an animal here …

 You mean ….Half lion, half human. 

I swear…..

“Yes, He is there…and

 If HE is here… then! I will catch him the hunter said with confidence. 

 Sanandana replied “You cannot  …

 The hunter replied… Is it a challenge …?

Ok!   Then I accept it….

Punditjee!!   Let me live my life fully…  I too need a change …

What is the fun in catching rabbits, deer’s and fowls all my life …  This is the real hunt…

OK Punditjee , OK…  I am coming with that animal tomorrow exactly at this place!  else, I will quit hunting once for all…. and die of hunger…

Sanandana was glad that the hunter was engaged ……He continued to meditate and chant the sloka with attention ……………………….


 Leaving the cave ,the hunter was anxious! more and more anxious than Sanandana to catch the animal .  He knew every inch of the jungle and checked all the place where lions used to relax.  Terrains , bushes and near those water falls everywhere he walked  with a hope to catch him …  He was tired and it was almost getting dark……Will the animal roam in the dark ? He said to himself … He looked at the sky and said… An insult to all my tribe. My father, grandfather… If I die of starvation  . …

jai jai narasimhaaa

 The sun has already set … Oh! I am left with just few hours….. come on.. Oh! Animal… I am starving today itself for you, come …. come… please.     He did not go home. He did not sleep at all. He was aimlessly wandering in the moonlight expecting the animal to appear ..

Imagining the animal…. half human… What a sight?? How will his eyes look and how will he walk?  The imagination took him to mystic world.  He fell in love with the animal.  He admired it for the perfect appeal.   He loved it more than Sadananda.


 One time! Please…. come near. He spoke to himself ….. I promise you I shall not harm you…  No weapons… But !  please…. look !! I am starving and decided I will remain like this until I see you.  He said to himself.   Looking at the stars, he imagined the beautiful form of the animal.   His mind was stuck and he dozed off to sleep on a slanting cliff with the background of waterfalls  .  He suddenly woke up to the chirping of birds.  He walked near the waterfalls…Refreshed himself ….

He walked  into an old cave where hunters usually offer their prayers before their hunting expedition .  He looked at the ferocious form of demi god there.  With tears he submitted one time please save me and my tribe!  It’s my word and your word too . He became too weak. Deprived of food, sleep waling into the woods,  he pleaded the animal to appear. 


The sun has finished his half way.  He realizes that he was  left with just few hours.  What a life am I to live without hunting.  Let me accept my defeat in dignity. 

 He feels ashamed! Let me end my life.  Why must I show this face to Punditjee .  Feeling disgraced , he walks near the cliff of the huge water falls.  Putting all his might , he decides to jump in the flowing waters and end his life.


One last time, He meditates on the beautiful form of the animal Sanadana described and submits.

 Oh Animal ..Finally You won ! and I lost but please… show me yourself once to this country brute.   I will end my life thanking you.  His focus was on the lion faced beautiful animal

In fraction of seconds, he heard a herd of lions roaring causing echo all over the jungle .  He shivered though the feeling was ecstatic.  He looked around. 

Presto !! Unbelievable…. the sight made him cry… what a  divine form..   What a beauty… fearing   crying  .almost weeping with heavy breaths.  He sees the  wonderful form of the majestic animal Sanananda described.


The animal had a lovely lion’s face, soft eyes, and the body was human.  Almost   15 feet tall.  It had  a gigantic form


The hunter was aghast looking at the majestic form.  No hunger,   no fear.   The bewitching smile and the penetrating eyes made a huge difference. Now hunter had copious chilled tears.  He could not take his eyes out of the sight of the animal.  He slipped into a state of timelessness… Suddenly a voice was heard!

My dear! Come on! You wanted me to come!! Here I am! Come let’s move… fast!!


The hunter said   but… I said, I will bind you and take you to that cave!!

The animal laughed heartily.  You want to bind me!! Ha Ha… ..

OK! Go on my dear..  It said bind me… drag me too.

The hunter ran shivering thanking everyone , he found few creepers  near the waterfalls .With  deep concern and sobbing continuously, he checked them to see they did not have thorns.  He now fell in love with the animal.  I must not harm him.. he speaks to himself …

He manages to get the creepers…shivering… he approaches him and says …….

may I    ……….may I….. bind you …

The animal replied… Yeah. Go on…


 Pleading  the animal to forgive him he climbs  a tree and reaches  the animals hands.  Tying the creeper softly like handcuffs all the time looking closer to his marvellous chest and soft eyes… with a low voice…speaks shivering … Oh ! My beautiful animal.  I can’t move my eyes away from you……


Can I walk backwards facing you so that I will not miss your lovely smile glancing me

The animal replied!! Me too my dear….. but be careful while  walking  backside as you may get injured due to the rough stones and thorny bushes ..


The hunter replied! I don’t care for any bruises  , I just want  to see your form. They both walked .The sight was special .  All the trees moved on their own.  There was no route followed.  The hunter was aimlessly walking backwards watching the tall animal in the backlight of sunset… More he saw more he got intoxicated with his bewitching smile ..Chilled tears rolling ..he marched backwards ..

Soon  he reached Sanadhana.’s cave. 

Overwhelmed watching the animal …he screamed ….

Oh punditjee ! As promised I saw that animal and here he is before you ..Come …

 Punditji! You are absolutely right! He is King of Kings!!  Please come and see for yourself..

 Sri Jwala Narasimhar - Ahobilam

Sadananda was disturbed.  He hated the hunters interference.  He though enough is enough.  Let me leave that place and hide somewhere else .  When he opened his eyes he was not able to see the animal the hunter brought but could see the creepers hanging in mid air


Sanandana screamed!  Hey! You country brute! Why are you troubling me?  I don’t see anything except some creepers hanging.


The hunter replied! Punditji don’t lie!!

I am seeing him …  He is exactly as you described – 15 feet tall, lion faced , claws, teeth, beautiful golden  mane and you never said he can speak..  His eyes are so soft..  Punditji. I will protect him.  I am in love with him now ..No harming him at all … I will kill the ones who will harm him …


Sanandana fell down sobbing… He understood Lord had graced the hunter with HIS form … ………………

Featured Image -- 3360

He looked at the hunter with tears! My dear Hunter! I am not able to see anything.  I accept my defeat.  I am a sinner …. I am unworthy …. Sanandana pleaded  If I at least hear his voice am fortunate ..

 The hunter pleaded the animal not knowing he was LORD himself …

The Lordship compassionately replied Sanandhana, my child….. child …

Sanandhana cried… tears gushing uncontrollably..   Lord…  My saviour ..My Lord…

where are you?   He became possessed now!

My child! I was ready to reveal myself to you… But your spitirual pride distanced me away from you.  Look at this innocent tribal.. He has not eaten since yesterday and ready to sacrifice  his life.  I had no option than to come.. 

 Look Sanandana … It was due to your association with this loving soul that you had the rare gift to hear me.. 

The hunter was uninterruptedly watching the LORD from close quarters.. 

 He did not understand the conversation at all


Sanandhana fell down ! He prayed Lord, please forgive me!! I have erred… please punish me…

Lord replied! Sanandhana. Leave this forest and go back.   You will meet a teacher soon  who will take you to spiritual glory further.  I shall appear soon … saying so the Lord disappeared……..


Sanandhana   fell at the feet of the hunter and asked to forgive him for his mannerisms ..

The hunter had already left his body watching  LORD’s divya darshanam ..

To be continued ………part (2) link appended below


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics : Credits Google images

Video credits :  Advanced devotees of Lord

















































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